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Based on DC Comics, this role playing mod supports playing a chaotic female antihero -- or a psychotic female antihero seeking emancipation.  Weapons, outfits, and makeup are included.  
Available weapons include a bat, popgun pistol, "popgun" with real bullets, boxing glove gun, and fun gun junklauncher.  Available outfits include a harlequin outfit modelled after early DC comics, a Li'l Monster outfit, a roller derby outfit, and a Harleen Quinzel lab coat.  Makeup is in separate texture files with subfolders; you can copy one into your Data folder.
WHY PLAY THIS MOD?  Alternate between crime boss and hammer of justice, flip from compassion to sarcasm, do really crazy things -- all without breaking character.  Immerse yourself in an intelligent but insane playthrough!
INSTALLATION:  copy the Harley Quinn Resources .esp and .ba2 files into your Data folder, and activate.
*** I recommend using this together with azarkiowa's Pony Tail Hairstyles (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8126) ***
For more information and other useful mods, see the Readme file.