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august 12

Locky Bastard is surprisingly nuanced for a 2016 mod. It gives alternatives, but with risk or a tradeoff. But it feels cheaty with default chances and options, and makes lockpicking underwhelming in comparison, in my opinion.

For the FROST patch my goal was to make sure lockpicking stays, on average and considering all the nuances, most efficient way to open locks, both for balance and semi-realism. I wrote a whole paragraph comparing the options, but decided it'd be best if you figure that on your own. 

Keep in mind that this mod changes FROST intended experience and balance, although I tried to balance it in a way that I think makes sense for FROST.

I'm not officialy connected to FROST developement team or Locky Bastard author in any way.

What's changed:

  1. Added FROST explosives to the list of usable detonators.
  2. Unlocking a door by kicking is harder.
  3. Kicking a door deals more limb damage.
  4. Duck n' Cover gives a way smaller bonus to blow up a door.
  5. Unlocking a lock by shooting is harder.
  6. Luck has less impact on the chance to break a lock.
  7. Locksmith perks doesn't decrease the chance to break a lock and doesn't give an option to repair a broken lock.
  8. The chance to break a lock is higher.
  9. Weapon type influence on the chance to unlock a lock by shooting is a bit lower. 
  10. Kept FROST Locksmith perk and lockpicking balance.
  11. You can't shoot Master level lock.
  12. You can't kick Master level door if you don't wear Power Armor.

Load Order:
Locky Bastard.esp and Locky Bastard - Extended.esp MUST be placed above FROST.esp
Locky Bastard.esp
Locky Bastard - Extended.esp
FROST - Locky Bastard Patch.esp

LeahTheUnknown - for creating Locky Bastard.
naugrim04 - for creating FROST.
Red - for continuing the work on FROST, all improvements, and maintaining its great community.