FN 502 Tactical

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Adds a tactical .22LR Pistol with custom 1st/3rd person animations to your game.
The mod was designed to be a tight, neat unique package in-game.

Craftable at the Chem bench or found in the survivor's bedroom.
Not distributed in levelled lists.

Auto Beam compatible. 
Optional patches for Tactical Reload & ammo mods such as New Calibers. 
Caliber Complex by robbythekidd is out-of-the-box compatible as it replaces .38 with .22LR.

By far the smallest of my upcoming mods besides the Maxim-9, but I hope you enjoy x

9x Ammunition Types 
3x Barrels (All the same model lel)
5x Muzzle options
4x Magazine types (2x if you use Tactical Reload)
9x Optics
4x Glowsights
4x Tacticals (flashlights/lasersights)
2x Trigger modifiers
(Red/Green/Beam/Dot) Laser customization.
Damage Modifiers

Screenshots: Ardent,Cadavver, Vlad85, BXXFXXT
Sounds Sources: New World Interactive & Infinity Ward
Ammunition ESP & model, Reticles: NovaFinchLense textures: SalientPhantom
Laser textures & Reticles: FX0x01Cubemaps: *ajhakra*
Animations, Textures & ESP Work: Ardent
FN 502, Holosun, Suppressor & X300: RaimeiyonkePRO Comp: CadavverHex Comp: Akinaro
Thread Protector, RMR, SRO, Deltapoint, Romeo1: Parallax Game Studios
Venom: ZRaiderACRO: Ludwig Conradsohn
X400: Henrique Lopes
XC1: Den.Prodan
XC2: Hung DoComing v. soon

Tavor / KSG12 / Maxim-9
and others afterwards :)
I'm on patreon and you can join to see progress and try wip versions if you want