Fallout London - Merc Outfit Female Body Slide Add On - supports CBBE and Fusion Girl

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Original Author Team FOLON Conversion By DRAGONJOE69

Adds female support for CBBE or Fusion Girl Body Slide, while maintaining the original male content

Requires the original mod, and your choice of either the CBBE or Fusion Girl, female body replacer
Note: I had originally planned for Body Talk support for the males, unfortunately I ran into an issue with Outfit Studio crashing every time I attempted to export the meshes, if I can resolve the issue, the males will be added at a later date, has it sits, the original male files are still functioning same has the original mod, and work with Body Talk or EVB without issue.
The Fusion Girl body is an offsite requirement, and is available for download @loverslab.com

Install Instructions:
Download the file matching your installed body
Install the original mod
Install this mod overwriting when prompted, this mod contains a modified esp that must overwrite the original or the new female versions will not appear in game
build the outfits in body slide, the appear has Fallout London Merc Outfit (f) (color variant) (CBBE or FG, depending on version used)
there is a mesh file included with the mod, it contains, the female first person nifs(meshes), the female gloves nif, and one male first person nif, that was displaying the gloves at all times, that I fixed. There are no prebuilt outfit nifs, if you do not build them, you will be a floating head and hands lol.

Uninstall Instructions:....don't make me hurt you

questions, comments, and screen shots are welcome