F4NV Classic Recharger Weaponry

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Our favorite bottomless laser guns return to Fallout 4's Commonwealth, with an awesome new coat of paint!

Featuring beautiful meshes and textures from Scrangle, animations and scripting from Bwones, and brand new sound effects from The Rat!

This mod adds 3 new weapons to Fallout 4's sandbox:

Recharger Rifle:

While the recharger rifle is the weakest and heaviest of the recharger weapons,
the recharger rifle benefits from its size in that it is able to be modified with new barrels
and scope modifications.

Recharger Pistol:

The more advanced successor to the recharger rifle, the recharger pistol packs more of a punch,
holds more than twice the charge, and weighs much less. Due to the increased complexity of the
weapon's propriety hardware, the gun cannot be substantially modified.

MF Hyperbreeder Alpha:

The absolute pinnacle of recharger technology, and a further improvement on the technology of the
recharger pistol, the Microfusion Hyperbreeder Alpha fires blindingly fast,and recharges almost as fast!
The weapon's powerful green lasers can be focused through a long barrel, and its fast fire rate
can be braced with a sturdy stock, making for the ultimate bottomless laser SMG!

**Magnetron Modifications:**Each recharger weapon has an option for either a standard or improved magnetron;
this special reciever makes the weapons fire laser bolts instead of beams! These bolts will
do more damage, but have travel time!

Recharger Rifles will start to spawn in vendor inventories, on gunners, and BOS members at level 4

Recharger Pistols will start to spawn in vendor inventories on gunners, and BOS members at level 17

Both weapons can also be found on boss enemies.

As a weapon with a limitless magazine, the MF Hyperbreeder Alpha can be found near
the UP77 "Limitless Potential" laser gun in University Point.

Meshes & Textures - Scrangle
Animations & Light FX - Bwones
Sounds & Promotional Video - xrendermanx (The Rat)
Wattz Logo - Wanaming0
Recharger Rifle Vault Boy - Devestatin' Dave
Implementation Lead & Laser FX - ShimSham
Additional Help & Support - Members of the F4NV Community Server
Additional Help & Support - Members of the Degenerate Dak Community Server, Degenerate Dak
Levelled List Scripts - DankRafft