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I made this earlier this year (2023), but I didn't like the result so I left it as it was. I decided to revisit the mod, it's been edited to only 2 floors instead of about 10. I ran out off ideas is the reason to this, but the 2 floors have plenty of goodies to keep any player happy.

Ground floor is the floor you enter via the front door of the Custom Tower House. First floor is located through a secret hatch on the roof of the Custom Tower House. Behind where the bus stop is, there's a fallen tree. Using skill of balance you can climb, however Power Armour is best as you'll be able to get to the roof a lot easier.

I've added mutant trunks that can actually be used as storage so there are more goodies to be found (see screenshots).

Anyway, it's just a bit more fun. Lastly there is now a ladder at the front door due to the bad model scale to make it easier to go up to the front door.