Condensed Minimal HUD Preset for FallUI - HUD 3.2

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Condensed Minimal HUD Preset For FallUI - HUD
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*My 3.0 Condensed Minimal HUD Preset was designed to reduce the amount of information noise on screen to create a more immersive environment while only having the most critical information on screen that your character would know themselves. This Preset is for those who want not only a more immersive experience but a sort of challenge as well.*
The 3.0 HUD has some drastic changes from its previous 2 counter parts so I figured a new mod page was in order. I tried to optimize the size of the HUD and the amount of space being utilized as best as I could Features

  • Most stat HUD elements have been placed in the bottom left corner while most informative HUD elements have been placed in the top left corner
  • Removed Ammo/Grenade Counter. Hit/Grenade Indicator, Crosshairs, Hit Markers, Enemy Health Bar, Detection Meter, and Compass
  • A space in the top left is carved out for the Gas Masks of the Wasteland UI element
  • The radiation bar from has been separated from the health bar for use with AnotherOne - Immersive Radiation
  • Each bar (HP/AP/RAD) are cut up into 20 slices for easier tracking of stats

HUD Preset In Game In Use**Installation/Uninstallation Instructions**
Installation - With Mod Manager: Download mod via Manager > Then install in mod manager > Stonks
Installation - Without Manager: Download mod > Place in Fallout 4 Data folder > Stonks
Uninstallation - With Mod Manager: Delete mod in mod manager > Profit
Uninstallation - Without Manager: Delete files from Fallout 4 Data folder > Profit