Commonwealth Deep Clean and Remodel Collection

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**Make sure to load all Deep Clean plugins last

FOMOD Installer in use, recommend using Vortex/MO2/Etc**
Big thanks go to Mosfetdev for building the installer from scratch, great job!

Key Features:

  • Updates all vanilla and DLC settlements except Boston Airport.
  • Installer allows for modular/individual selection of settlements.
  • Cleans/Disables perm trash, junk, plants, plywood, plants, pots, bathroom stalls, etc. anything junky that is not normally removable or scrapable.
  • Repaints landscape trash appearance (like in Hangman's Alley) to grass or dirt and removes grass/dirt from inside structures (like in County Crossing).
  • Does NOT affect any kind of quest, plot, or normally scrapable objects. If you could move it in workshop before its still there. Even trash!
  • Rebuilds precombines and previs for each settlement to improve performance, stability and reduce CTDs.
  • As a heads up, PnP files can get quite large, this mod runs around 1.6GB with all components installed.
  • Makes multiple objects, more thematic or visually unique type objects, in each settlement scrap optional, stuff like large pipes and silos, Counters, Dead brahmin, Small shacks so on, see individual settlement links below for full details.
  • Some thematic, normally permanent decorations/furniture objects were turned into workshop craftable versions details below or see my Library Support Plugin link.
  • For houses and buildings that are partially damaged, the series repairs them using in game, lore friendly assets, not shiny sparkling parts.
  • Wherever possible those same buildings are scrapable, allowing for complete settlement rebuild in many cases.
  • Many times the scrap optional building is tied to a hammer, to see the details of where those are use the individual settlement links below.
  • Makes all settlement light fixtures/lamps and light effects scrapable - In the case of light effects without sources, disables those entirely.
  • Adds in door snap points allowing WS doors to be built in all settlements on both new and existing doorways. Snap points will scrap if associated structure is scrapped. If you see one missing it might be a bug please post.
  • ***Make all Settlers commandable (optional) -***Makes the normally not-command-able settlers, like children, command-able. Also adds in settlers that should have been like Phyllis from Egret and Prof G from SSTC. All settlements done except for Bunker Hill. This is due to mix off possible quest outcomes, I would recommend the command bell instead for Bunker Hill.
  • Warning: Children lack the back end code to do all tasks, multiple other mods work to address this.
  • Work in progress - Navmesh updates - Updated 10settlements so far. Due to incredible length of time these updates take, it is unclear when adding updated meshes to all settlement will be done. Currently takes about a week-2 to do one settlement navmesh!
  • Navmesh is updated to reflect the sometimes massive amount of changes this collection makes to each settlement.
  • Every single ESP Plugin in the package is ESL Flagged so will not count against the 255 hard cap, only issue will be the BA2s and then ...
  • Given the large number of BA2s this series uses, a DOS script is included, that merges my series BA2 and only take 4 steps and is almost completely automated. Start with ...Fallout4\Data\VCM_BA2_Merge_Kit\Move_DCnR_BA2s_To_InputBA2.bat.

***Each settlement/plugin in the collection has its own mod page with full descriptions of everything the mod does:***Spoiler:  Show

DLC Settlements:

Thematic Settlement Objects:Spoiler:  Show
This series adds thematic workshop items from the settlements themselves. For example Covenant had different beds and tables, Sanctuary has Halloween décor, SSTC has two unique signs, so on. These new objects are mostly contained in the my Library Support Plugin, which is included, see link for full details. Partial details list:

  • Halloween Décor Posters
  • Playground equipment and working lounger chair.
  • Working Child and Double settler beds
  • Working Planters as seen in Graygarden
  • A huge variety of hand rails/rails.
  • SSTC Sign, Free the robots Sign

The Library also helps manages duplicate workshop entries between the settlements.
Make sure to try to craftable Magic Brew drink to be inspired!

A note on Boston Airport: Spoiler:  ShowBA sits at the intersection of 4 previs and a very built up area, I could do a treatment on it but the trade-offs would be questionable at best. There are a handful of barricades and some debris and its not a full settlement without modding, so it falls very far outside the design goals of this series.

BA2 Merging/Repacking
-A tool kit for merging is optional in the install pack, it can be downloaded separately also.

**Load order:**Place the DCnR plugins last or as low as possible. Last mod loaded with Precombines/previs wins!
PRP and various versions should always load prior to any DCnR mods. LOOT master tables sort for 4 variants of PRP at this time.

Sample Load order:
Spoiler:  Show

  • Clean My Settlement Redux

  • Unofficial FO4 Patch

  • PRF (Part of PRP)

  • Vilance's Library Support Plugin - ESL auto places.

  • Cheat Terminal

  • Everyone's Best Friend

  • Radio Add on

  • Raze My Settlement

  • PRP/Boston FPS (or any Previs/Precombines package)

  • SS2/Horizon

  • Vilance's DCnR Plugins here

  • And here too.

**LOOT can be manually updated with a group rule(s) that makes all the Deep Clean plugins load better:**Spoiler:  Show
See the article for guide on How to update Vortex flavor of LOOT, also there is a custom userlist.yaml already updated with the below code(s) available in the optional files.
  - name: Deep Clean and Remodel

  • PreVis & PreCombined Fixes
      - name: Interior Lighting
  • Deep Clean and Remodel`

The key is to make sure all the plugin entries for the DCnR have the same group tag, code snippet example:
globals: [] plugins:   - name: '.+[_ ]DCnR(_F-ESL)?\.esp'     after:       - BostonFPSFixAIO.esp       - BostonFPSFixAutomatron.esp       - PRP.esp     group: Deep Clean and Remodel   - name: '.+[_ ]DC(_F-ESL)?\.esp'     after:       - BostonFPSFixAIO.esp       - BostonFPSFixAutomatron.esp       - PRP.esp     group: Deep Clean and Remodel   - name: AbernathyFarm_DC_F-ESL.esp     after:       - prp.esp       - BostonFPSFixAIO.esp       - BostonFPSFixAutomatron.esp     group: Deep Clean and Remodel   - name: Bunker Hill DCnR_F-ESL.esp     after:       - prp.esp       - BostonFPSFixAIO.esp       - BostonFPSFixAutomatron.esp       - abernathyfarm_dc_f-esl.esp     group: Deep Clean and Remodel   - name: Bunker Hill Deep Clean ESL-F.esp     after:       - prp.esp       - BostonFPSFixAIO.esp       - BostonFPSFixAutomatron.esp     group: Deep Clean and RemodelThis layout just repeats over and over.

Also again, this is already fully filled out in the optional file, including sorting alphabetically!

Mod Compatibility:Spoiler:  Show
Most mods should be compatible with the DCnR series, the biggest issue will be running the mods that affect the same settlement or same cells that use the same previs. Any settlement mods that changes something that is part of a precombine/previs with get overwritten as the DCnR mod should load last as it has PnP files.

  • Clean My Settlement(redux)-  While this mod works with DCnR mods it is not necessary at all, anything this mod allows you to scrap is already removed.  NOTE, this mod strongly recommends a new game, if you do decide to use this version. This makes trash & leaves scrapable by adding it back in! Normally my mods removes trash and leaves, if you run this mod you can feel like you are cleaning up your settlements yourself.

If a settlement mod is loaded after mine that does have objects in precombines being changes it may cause visual glitches or collision problems.
See list below for known incompatibility. I currently play SS2 with this series and have no issues.

Mod incompatibility list, current reported 12/19/2022:

Recommend mod list/mods I run with my this series: Spoiler:  Show

My current timeline is to continue to do updates, based on my own playthrough or what is reported, and player feature request for the next several months, to possibly up to a year roughly September 2023.

I cannot guarantee I will do every feature request, but I at the very least *will consider what is asked, so players are more than welcome to share their ideas with me on some possible new features/mods.***If you have any questions or concerns about the series or errors to report please inquire under the "Post" tab.**Spoiler:  ShowI disabled the bug tab as my OCD was kicking in and prefer the format of the post interface.