Better Settlers CCAP Expansion Volume 1

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Better Settlers CCAP Expansion Volume 1 is the first in a planned series that will bring even more clothing variety to the settlers of Thom293's Better Settlers mod. In particular, this mod adds clothing to the Better Settlers CCAP leveled lists from the Casual Outfit CollectionNuka-World Outfits with Shorts, and Prewar Businesswear outfit packs by ladyisatramp.

This series does nothing more than add clothing to the CCAP leveled lists from Better Settlers, so if you're using that option with Better Settlers, the outfits used in this series should blend right in. Note, however, that the three outfit packs used in this particular installment were created on vanilla bodies, so there will be some clipping and other visual oddities if used with CBBE and other non-vanilla body types.

Special Thanks
Thom293 for Better Settlers.
ladyisatramp for the outfit packs.