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Version 2.0 - Brings improved positioning of "Active Effects" and more compatible with SS2 Hud Elements

This is the HUD I personally use, with most elements smaller and pushed to the edges, the main informational area is bottom right. This allows a big open viewing area without distractions while exploring.

To get the exact look you will need "Active Effects" and "Condition Boy" installed.  All the colors can be made to your licking in the MCM FallUI Hud interface.


  • Grab and install Active Effects

  • Grab and install Condition Boy

  • Grab and install Pitt Gal (optional)

  • Download this mods main file and install

  • Once in-game go into MCM > MCM Settings Manager

  • Apply the settings from "aSW Expanded HUD MCM v2"

  • Save (Full save) and load into that new save (So the new hud loads)

Compatibility:  This is not designed for UltraWide monitors without needing adjustments.  I do not have an Ultrawide monitor so not able to make a version that is. Out-of-the-box configuration is setup for 16:9 1080 or 1440, you can use other aspect ratio's and resolutions but you will need to adjust the active effects elements

This hud can be applied at anytime and removed at anytime.  While this HUD was designed for "A Storywealth" modular add-on it is a stand alone FallUI Hud and can be used in any collection or personal loadout. 
Used in screenshots: True Sight ENB (without True Nights)

credit to m8r98a4f2 for the FallUI series
credit to miclost for the original Square Hud that was used with permission to tweak and add my own touches and upload
A StoryWealth Discord for support, engagement, and for my other modular aSW Expanded collections