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Precursor: AI GFL HK416 Japanese Female Protagonist Voice (a bit different than 416 voice included here)

v1.1.0 update: Longer training (hardly any improvement though), lower volume, a bunch more characters.
v1.1.1 update: Added a bunch of GFL2 confirmed GFL1 remnants. Retrain Groza with GFL2 audios.

With the mighty power of voice transfering AI, this mod converts vanilla Japanese voice performances (CV: Yukiko Aruga / 有賀 由樹子 (♀), Sunseki Kazuhiro / 寸石 和弘 (♂)) to sound like characters from the gacha game (series) Girls' Frontline. All packed within a single mod, to avoid spamming nexus with ai-generated contents.


  • M4A1 (CV: Tomatsu Haruka / 戸松 遥) ♀
  • ST AR-15 (CV: Katou Emiri / 加藤 英美里) ♀
  • M4 SOPMOD II (CV: Tamura Yukari / 田村 ゆかり) ♀
  • M16A1 (CV: Yamane Nozomi / 山根 希美) ♀ ♂
  • RO635 (CV: Fukuhara Ayaka / 福原 綾香) ♀
  • UMP45 (CV: Mineuchi Tomomi / 嶺内 ともみ) ♀
  • UMP9 (CV: Noto Mamiko / 能登 麻美子) ♀
  • HK416 (CV: Nonaka Ai / 野中 藍) ♀
  • G11 (CV: Fukuhara Ayaka / 福原 綾香) ♀
  • AK-12 (CV: Waki Azumi / 和氣 あず未) ♀
  • AN-94 (CV: Numakura Manami / 沼倉 愛美) ♀
  • AK-15 (CV: Kaida Yuuko / 甲斐田 裕子) ♀ ♂
  • RPK-16 (CV: Fuchigami Mai / 渕上 舞) ♀
  • OTs-14 Groza (CV: Inoue Marina / 井上 麻里奈) ♀ PER REQUESTED
  • AK-Alfa (CV: Kitou Akari / 鬼頭 明里) ♀
  • KSVK (CV: Oozeki Eri / 大関 英里) ♀
  • MP7 (CV: Lynn / りん) ♀
  • PSG-1 (CV: Imai Asami / 今井 麻美) ♀ PER REQUESTED
  • SPAS-12 (CV: Kobori Miyuki / 小堀 幸) ♀
  • Type 95 (CV: Daimon Kami / 大門 香実) ♀
  • Vector (CV: Hayami Saori / 早見 沙織) ♀
  • WA2000 (CV: Tomatsu Haruka / 戸松 遥) ♀
  • Welrod MkII (CV: Imai Asami / 今井 麻美) ♀
  • Kalina (CV: Touyama Nao / 東山 奈央) ♀
  • Persicaria (CV: Nanami Karin / 奈波 果林) ♀
  • Helianthus (CV: Kariya Rui / 苅谷 瑠衣) ♀
  • Berezovich Kryuger (CV: Tsuda Kenjiro / 津田 健次郎) ♂
  • Dier (CV: Fukuyama Jun / 福山 潤) ♂ ♀
  • Sier (CV: Sakura Kaoru / 佐倉 薫) ♀
  • Angelia / Anna Viktorovna Tsoi (CV: Satou Rina / 佐藤 利奈) ♀
  • K / Kain Schwaben (CV: Fukuyama Jun / 福山 潤) ♂
  • Agent (CV: Nabatame Hitomi / 生天目 仁美) ♀
  • Gager (CV: Ishikawa Yui / 石川 由依) ♀
  • Intruder (CV: Ootsubo Yuka / 大坪 由佳) ♀
  • Dreamer (CV: Okuno Kaya / 奥野 香耶) ♀
  • Judge (CV: Toyosaki Aki / 豊崎 愛生) ♀
  • Executioner (CV: Itou Shizuka / 伊藤 静) ♀
  • Hunter (CV: Hagihara Ami / 萩原 あみ) ♀
  • Destroyer (CV: Takada Yuuki / 高田 憂希) ♀
  • Architect (CV: Ootsubo Yuka / 大坪 由佳) ♀
  • Ouroboros (CV: Ookubo Rumi / 大久保 瑠美) ♀
  • Alchemist (CV: Satou Arise / 佐藤 有世) ♀
  • Scarecrow (CV: Okuno Kaya / 奥野 香耶) ♀
  • Nyto Black (CV: Satou Rina / 佐藤 利奈) ♀
  • Nyto White (CV: Itou Shizuka / 伊藤 静) ♀

Bonus (Misc. Files):

  • AK-15 for Madison Li. Why? Same voice actor :p. She also dubbed FNV Veronica fyi.


  • Download and install the dummy plugins.

  • Download and install the voice pack of your choice.

  • If you don't have/need any of the dlcs, simply disable corresponding plugins, or not, because it doesn't matter anyway. If you are short on disk space you can remove the DLC esp/ba2 files.

  • If you don't want to hear AI converted breathes/humming/battle screams and use vanilla ones, download 'Prune Batch File'. Extract prune.bat to the same directory as the 'sound' folder (i.e. data folder, or the mod's folder if using MO2), double click it and all those audios will be removed.

  • (機械翻訳)言語設定が日本語、つまりデフォルトでバニラ日本語音声を使用している場合、本MODで提供される .ba2ファイル内の「voices_en」を「voices_jp」にリネームしてください。

FAQ Q: Does this sound good?
A: I don't know. All I can tell is that there are some imperfections, including:

  • Aspirations stutter sometimes.

  • Since the voices are converted from vanilla audios, they inevitably incorporate emotions from original performances, making strong characters less distinct.

  • The pitch extraction isn't perfect and struggles against certain challenging lines and non-verbal audios like battle screams and grunts.

Q: But which one is the best?
A: AK-12 imo. You mean voice right?
Nyto Black is also a fun one. Most of the time she's aptly lacking emotions i.e. not giving a f*ck.

Q: It doesn't sound like what I expected?
A: Well, there's the limit of AI, or me myself. Can't do much either way but you can still tweak it with something like Player Voice Frequency Slider.

Q: How can I use male replacer and female replacer at the same time, just for the opening sequence?
A: Since it is only the opening, you can remove the conflicting dlc files, or just placing the main one lower in the mod order. Otherwise, rename the esp/ba2 files and make sure their names match.

Q: Can you do *insert GFL characters*?
A: Maybe. Better those with more voice lines. You can do me a favour and provide audio sources not listed on IOP wiki. I might take requests in batch once there are enough of them in my spare time.

Q: Can you do *insert characters from another franchise*?
A: Probably not.

Q: Can you do followers/NPCs?
A: No way I am doing every voice for every follower. If you really want it, convince me of your choice of characters (who's replacing who), or that you have other mod projects that would benefit from such voice.

Q: Can you do *insert quest mods*?
A: If there are japanese dubs, maybe. I haven't figured out TTS.

Credits and Rights

  • Audio generated using so-vits-svc-fork
  • The audio files included in this mod is unlicensed. Any commercial uses shall have permits not from me, but from the owner of the performances this mod is trained upon.
  • All rights of contents of Girls' Frontline belongs to Mica Team. The author will immediately take down this mod if it violates the copyright of related parties.
  • It should be clear that this mod wouldn't exist without the brilliant performances of the original voice actors. The author has no intention of disregarding their work.