The SCARABAEUS - Facility

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The SCARABAEUS - Facility

an ultimate underground base / hideout / stash

version 1.2 -----------

Is your house in Megaton or your Tenpenny Tower-appartement too small? Would you like to lay simply your weapons, armor and other stuff on shelfs, tables or sockets? Do you think your house looks like an ugly piece of junk?

-----------WELL THIS MOD IS FOR YOU!!!------------

I'm proud to present the SCARABAEUS-Mod, which adds a large BUNKER/HIDEOUT right underneath Megaton / Tenpenny Tower, your personal base that provides all things you would expect from the word "base".

It includes:

-finest Vault-Tec an Enclave achitecture

-A LOT of space for your equipment and ammo (not just some small ugly crates)

-"The Gallery", a place where you can display your outfits and armor in different color-themes

-some collected specimens of the Wasteland fauna in cryo-stasis

-personal quarters with a warm, cozy bed and a little surprise

-the Control Centre, which provides all kinds of useful information about the Wasteland and other interesting things

-storage room for all kinds of clutter and stuff

-Workbench, Infirmary, My First Laboratory, Nuka-Cola-Machine

-a couple of new weapons like the M4 Assault Rifle or a Plasma Gatling (well balanced, no superweapons)

-a quest to get access to a heavy weapons (also new ones!!) depository

-a Robot Butler

-and a radio :)


1.2 Changes / Fixes:

-now (hopefully) compatible with Broken Steel and other DLCs

-"CALIBR.esm" and "20th Century Weapons.esm" are NOT REQUIRED anymore!

-several small fixes regarding scripts

-door to a completely new area (will be implemented in Version 2.0 !!)

-turret removed

-several small changes...

-> just put the new stash3.esp into the data-folder !!!


1.1 Changes / Fixes:

  • two diffent versions: accessable via Megaton / Tenpenny Tower
    (be sure to pick the right one !!!)

  • fully compatible with your companions (at least the standard followers)

  • Mannequins can now be placed everywhere in the Gallery

  • more lockers in the entrance area / storage room

  • Sector 6 Key can not be blown away from its location -> placed it in a safe

  • you can not fall into the hole in the entrance area

-> just put the new stash3.esp into the data-folder !!!


Megaton-version: Your can access it via a manhole in your Megaton House (picture). As soon as you have the house, you can climb down into the bunker.

Tenpenny-Tower-version: The manhole is located right in front of the entrance of Tenpenny Tower (picture)

It wasn't my intension to build some small hole somewhere in the Wasteland with a bed an some super-weapons, that de-balance the whole game. I intended to give the Lone Wanderer an new home, that he or she can also look at as a refuge.

So, what can I say besides: Have fun playing it, give me a "thumb up", if you liked it, and don't let the Enclave catch you....



As long as you have Fallout 3 installed it should work fine with the latest Patch (I used 1.6)

  1. Put the files and the folders into the directory:
    ...\Fallout 3\Data
    --> you will have to check "stash3.esp" at the data-selection-screen of Fallout 3

  2. If you don't already use the "ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!-file", which allows you to use new textures of objectes in the game, download it at:
    --> press Activate! if it didn't work, the new weapons won't have the right textures!

  3. Download the [b]"Mannequin-mod"[b] from AndyW1384 at
    (this is not exactly nessisary, but at the moment there is only this way to place mannequins that wear your armor into the alcoves in the gallery)


-Switching the color-themes in the gallery fastly while the lights are de/activating can lead
to some sort of mixed lightning of the different alcoves
-It is possible to lock yourself in, by opening the first hatch, pressing the switch again, an then run over the hatch. So please don't do it!


-two or more completely new sectors to explore
-nearly DOUBLE the size of version 1
-new guns
-NPC who works in your base
-the GRID, a holographic simulation room (lots of features)
-static Mannequins in the alcoves
-a version, that also uses some stuff from one, maybe two Fallout 3 Addons
-a weapon-test-range
-a tunnel to other locations
-more new equipment
-some quests


Great thanks to Angeldust007 for his help on scripting!!!


(I changed only the stats of some of the following new weapons)

Name: Colt M4 Carbines
Version: 1.0
Date: 5/11/2009
Category: Weapons
Author(s): metallicalec

Model: Twinke Masta
Skin: El Maestro de Graffiti
Original compile/Turbosmooth: Bathroom Security

VLTOR Modstock:

Model: TheLama
UV: TheLama
Skin: El Maestro de Graffiti

EOTech 551:

Model: Likon
Skin Likon


Model: BOT
Skin: BOT


Valve, Vunsunta


Desert Eagles V4 (RacerGold version)


Flamshmizer & Malignant

El maestro De Graffiti

Fallout 3 port and compile:


EPR-057 plasma gatling

by 1337martyr


Classic Fallout Weapons v0.013 (by War1982)

HK P90C by Schmung, Kimono


20th Century Weapons (Beta v3)

Mod Author : Einherjrar (plugin file)
Code Monkey : Einherjrar (.nif/.dds/.esp/model import/format/compile/port)
Formatting/Compile : Einherjrar (.nif/model orientation, dimensions, scale, positions, ect)

M249 SAW:
Model:Schmung, Twinke Masta, MBPRODUCTIONS, Soul_Slayer, SureShot
Skin:Twinke Masta, Schmung, Flamshmizer, Geno, Acid Snake, MBPRODUCTIONS, kimono, SureShot
Fallout3 Compile: Einherjrar
Minor Adjustments: Einherjrar

M60 ISW-:
Author1:FireArms Team,
Author2:De@d Me@t,
Author3:Splinter Cell,
MinorEdits: Einherjrar
FO3Compile/Format: Einherjrar

Uzi I.M.I:
Model: Duffman
Skin: Crosis
Animations: Stoke, Mike-
Sounds: Phiesope
Original CS Compile: Pete
MinorEdits: Einherjrar
FO3Compile/Format: Einherjrar

SVD Dragunov:
model: Twinke_Masta
Skin: -SmokyJoe- (TWeaked by Twinke Masta)
CS:S Compile: Hav0c
New CS:S Compile: Twinke Masta
Fallout3 Compile: Einherjrar
Minor Adjustments: Einherjrar

Sounds; Honnou (Realistic Weapon Sounds mod)


Version: 1.2
Date: 2009/09/13
Category: Weapons
Recommended: Fallout Mod Manager
Author: Tubal


Mini Hideout - Player Home - Katanas

by Rayek - Wyked

(used gun-display-script for weapons)


Mods used for screenshots (NOT INCLUDED):

Name: Steel DX
Version: 1.0
Date: 5/24/2009
Author(s): Weijiesen

Sunglasses Collection

by farbentier

Some other texture-Mod. I forgot the name, sorry about that.


Informations about the Wasteland, factions and creatures: