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New large quest addon

[size="8"]"The Assassin"[/size]

The project has been worked on for a long time and survived lots of things including freezing and conception changes. And now, at least, it's released! Our modmakers team sincerely hopes the passing of this quest would be not less interesting than it's creation.

"The Assassin" is:

  • A large quest addon from the authors of "Vault 74", "Searching For Infinity" and "While you were sleeping".
  • Lots of different targets all around the Capital Wasteland
  • Most of targets may be killed by various paths including food poisoning and pushing from a steep
  • Additional tasks of contracts which give you more reward.
  • A fascinating quest which is not about only gun-for-hire contracts.
  • Many dialogues contain different phrases depending on your PC skills and perks.
  • Lots of new characters
  • New different locations
  • Lots of easter eggs
  • New perks
  • New faction

A few recommendations about passing the quest:
Read the contracts carefully. They give you a lot of useful information which can help you to kill your target. Contracts also contain additional tasks which can give you more reward if you complete them.
Advice: you can watch every contract again just by looking at the "Notes" section of your Pip-boy.
Talk to people. Most of new characters have some interesting things to say (including your targets).
See how your target spends each game day. Don't hurry to pull the trigger, it's better to watch your victim's behaviour for a day. Look at its habits, mostly visited places and so on.
Advice: to make your watching more productive, use "wait" function if you see nothing interesting happens with your victim. Wait for an hour or two and watch your target behaviour again.You can follow your victim if it goes somewhere.
Explore quest locations carefully. Even old game locations can contain something interesting like notes or caches. Usually they are located in victim's favourite places. Explore new locations very carefully. The most attentive players may get some surprises including a secret mini-quest.
Do things alone. It'd be better not to take any followers with you through this quest, it was created for a lone journey. You can try to pass it with followers but we can't guarantee things will be fine in the case.


  1. Run the .exe file and follow installator's instructions.
  2. Launch yor Fallout3 Launcher or Fallout Mod Manager.
  3. Pick the MX_Assassin.esp and MX_Assassin.esm
  4. Run the game and enjoy.

As long as "Assassin" is a large mod, we are going to continue to work on it. So, we ask you to check [our site and forum] , some news about future updates, patches and improvements may appear.

MuxauJl, Sergey_Ros, Khashidius

d_ivanov, Defox, Sal, Praetor, Wolf_x1z3f

Special thanks to:
Pavel "Pago" Gorbunov and Markus.

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