RH IronSights EVE PlasmaRifle Fix

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So I started playing Fallout 3 again and found, or re-found, a old bug that always... well, bugged me :P

The EVE bridge for RH IronSights always had a problem where the main texture for the plasma rifle would replace the battery texture using texture sets. This is the cause for the black looking battery. All this mod does is removes this override on the battery texture.

Thinking compatibility wise, any patch that looks like this for example "RH_Ironsights + FWE + EVE" is incompatible, but the patch could have fixed the issue in the making of the merge between the mods.

Required files: "RH_IronSights" and its "EVE Bridge" are needed for this file.

LoadOrder: Placing the .esp under the RH IronSights EVE Bridge will do the trick.

Image credits: ChristopherWallace's awesome "Hi-Res Plasma Rifle Retexture"