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I found that the shape of Gauss Rifle in FO3 is similar to the Railgun in the PSP game "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker" when I was battling against the damned "Peace Walker Custom", so I decided to make this mod. As what it likes in MGS, I also set 3 energy level for the Railgun. The difference is the energy is supplied by the Micro Fusion Cell packs instead of dynamo carried by partner.
The three energy levels are:

Low Energy Level:
Use 1 FC packs for one shoot.
Small explosion

Medium Energy Level:
Use 3 FC packs for one shoot.
Medium explosion with EMP(300 Damage to robot and disabled it for 8s)

Full energy Level:
Use 5 FC packs for one shoot.
Large explosion with EMP(500 Damage to robot and disabled it for 8s)

There will be a message box that let you select energy level every time you equip the Railgun. You can switch energy level by unequip the Railgun and equip it again.

It lies on the floor of History Museum entrance. I made the reference bigger than its normal size so that it can be found easily.

PS:This Mod don't contains any models.The textures of the gun is the effect of Wei's EVE mod: