Northwest Forest-Redone

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Explore the Northwestern Forest! Travel far past the Vanilla Boarders and hunt new creatures, battle with bandits, find stashes of loot, use new weapons, and more!

This mod adds a decent sized forested area outside the northwestern most vanilla boarders, full of creatures such as wolves, mole rats, yao guai, and mountain deathclaws. If you can make it far enough into the mountains there's a cabin, full of weapons and supplies just waiting to be inhabited by the lone wanderer. Keep your eyes peeled for the notorious bandit Texas Red, legend says he lives in this area and stores all of his loot here too.

This is a redone version of my older mod, Northwest Forest v1.1.
Broken Steel DLC
Point Lookout DLC
Anchorage DLC
Any mod that completely removes the Vanilla Boarders

I suggest the no borders mod here:
6/19/2012- Navmesh Fix - adds navmesh to the region
6/20/2012- NFR No DLCs - Full Northwest Forest-Redone mod, but with no DLC content.
Please let me know if there is any bugs. Note that this mod should be one of the highest on your load order, or your game will crash if you save, quick-travel, or enter the cabin while in this area.

I am also open to suggestions to help make this mod better!