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Product Information:

Our newest innovation at Future-Tec, a weapon that brings nuclear infantry weapons to a whole new level. We created a weapon that is able to independently produce miniature nuclear bombs (provided you have the materials necessary) using metallic generation and a hydraulic coolant system. 
This product, on request of Lucas Simms, has been delivered by an anonymous scavenger to the center of Megaton, near the un-detonated nuclear warhead. It has been placed here to assure that it will stay charged (with non-dangerous radiation, of course) until it needs to be used. 
This item will not be claimed, as it is a gift for the Lone Wanderer to help them on their travels (Mr. Simms also wanted someone to test out the weapon before he ordered them for his towns on use, to assure maximum safety).
Note: please exercise caution when using this weapon. The radius of effect is very large, and the miniature warheads will leave large traces of radiation in their wake. This product is not meant for illegal use or to otherwise harm others except for the case of self-defense.

**Real Info:**This is a modified hunting rifle. It holds a clip of 2 mini nukes, and can shoot at nearly the same speed as a vanilla hunting rifle. It will do roughly the same amount of damage as a Fat Man, except what makes this better is the fact that it holds 2 nukes, allowing faster reloading and more firing. You can find the gun by going straight out from the Brass Lantern (bar/diner in the center of the town). It should be around the left side of the bomb near a pole.


There are two ways you can install this mod:
You can manually download the file and place it in your Data folder (Steam/SteamApps/Fallout 3/Data) and activating it via Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM): You can download this tool here: If you don't know how to use this tool to activate mods, please watch a tutorial on YouTube. You will have to activate the file MiniNuker.esp.

You can also install this mod via Nexus Mod Manager-make sure you have the tool installed and click the green button in the downloads section. It will download and be added to your NMM list, double click it to activate it.

Additional Info:

This is my first mod. This is more of a test mod, but I hope it will be a nice addition to your game. I plan on releasing new mods altogether and improved versions of this mod. If you have issues with this mod (can't find it), you can always try re installing the mod (contacting me won't help for the most part, as I am new to this and wouldn't know what to say).