Melee Weapon Assassination

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Matthew Kaczmarski

Melee Assassination V1- By Matty123456 (Matthew Kaczmarski)

Requires: Fallout 3

FWE release 6.02
and all FWE's requirements.

Alright, so far, the only weapons you can do strong criticals with are knives and MAYBE the chinese officer's sword.


What this plugin does is (if it works right) lets you or another person to get loads more damage from criticals. So, if I sneak up on a mutant with a combat knife, and I attack for a Sneak Attack Critical, it should kill it really fast. I thought this would make sense as stabbing someone in certain areas does more damage. So if I stabbed a raider wearing Metal Armor in the neck, that would be like a killing blow. Got the idea for this from playing Halo: Reach for Xbox 360.