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This is my first mod, and I didn't want to start with anything to large. So i did something simple and useful.
If you like please tell any friends.

I added a new discussion where I would like you to post ideas for me to attempt to take on. I would really appreciate any ideas.

Update 9/3/12:
Two new doors added to the house one going to Citadel and one going to the Museum of History. I also moved the Megaton house closer to the gate but up the hill a little. Enjoy!

Update 9/22
Sorry for the wait for an update. School has been a killer lately. Today's update adds two new locations that can be accessed via the house. One to Bigtown and the other Republic of Dave. I will continue to add more places.

Progress Update!:
I have not been able to work on it My Fallout 3 got uninstalled when i upgraded my comp so i had to find my disk. And i am now installing it

Possible Places!:
Canterbury Commons