Master Blaster

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Hunter Owens

My new fallout 3 mod!

Pretty much it's the standard alien blaster, but with a twist...

It shoots 200 fat man nukes!!! oh, and did i forget to mention it's automatic? Hell yes.

WARNING: intended to crash if fired a lot, beaware this thing is a beast so i suggest for pc users with low processors or graphics card to only fire once
every 10 seconds.

How to install: Well, basically you just click the link and get the "esp" file and extract it to your desktop, then go to computer/c drive/ program files/
Bethesda Softworks/ Fallout 3/ Data then just drag and drop it into the data folder then exit it out, open up fallout 3 click data files and check it!
(if you have FOMM it'll work just fine to but not needed)

None at the moment, please leave a comment saying if have one.

Location: None at the moment.... sorry again you will just have to find the alien blaster yourself and it should it. But you can also go online and look up
the alien blaster spawn code if you are just lazy.

NOTE: turn on god mod! click the "~" button and type tgm to activate god mod, because if you don't the gun will break!!!

I will be adding pictures shortly but you may add some if you want.

You may edit it all you want, I have no intention of this mod but to only entertain you guys, and show you what I've made.

So please, Enjoy!