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In your travels you run upon a strange crate marked "Magic Supplies." There's not much usable inside, except for a strange bulky wand with a large glowing crystal at one end. Strangely enough, the crystal comes only close to the handle's prongs, so it is just hovering in the air there. Nevertheless, it's sitting fixed there and no amount of applying force seems to come even close to removing it.

While playing with it, you accidentally discover its true function, as the crystal suddenly squirts a blob of some sticky burning substance at a wall, just narrowly missing yourself. Yep, it's a wand of fire bolts.

All things considered, everything you remember from Mr Brotch's science classes says there are at least half a dozen reasons why this item is impossible, yet here it is.

In less in-character terms: yes, it's a wand of fire. It's a long range weapon, sorta like a gun, not a flamer replacement.

It does some moderate damage up front and sets the target on fire for extra damage over time. On a crit, it sets them on fire even harder. The damage isn't really high-end, but it has infinite ammo, so you can just keep setting the enemy on fire until they're done and you can stick a fork in them ;)

And, as you'd expect, it does fire damage. Which can be its own balancing factor, I guess, since some robots can be very resistant to fire.

A further balancing factor is that the projectiles are very slow. They're much slower even than plasma projectiles. So hitting any moving targets at long range is going to be iffy.

It is repaired with laser pistols. I had no idea what something like this would realistically be repaired with, but eventually you will have to repair it with SOMETHING. So I guess that laser pistols will have to do.

Note for lore purists: yes, if you care very much about lore and realism and whatnot, this is definitely not the mod for you. Just skip it and get something else. This is for people who don't mind a little taking the piss.


As usual for most of my mods, it's designed for ease of retexturing, even by people who have no graphics skill. All the textures are separate rectangular pieces, so basically you can just replace them with whatever other material texture you like. Ideally it would be a seamless texture, but most seams are hidden anyway.


It's in the Meresti tunnels, fairly close to the entrance. Go where the exploding baby was, then just open the chainlink gate and there's the crate.


Extract the archive, with directories, in your "Data" folder. Select it in the list of plugin files in the launcher.

Search for "set bInvalidateOlderFiles=0" in your Fallout3.ini file and change it to "set bInvalidateOlderFiles=1", if you haven't done so already. You may have texture problems if it's on 0 instead of 1.

You may also want to use the mod manager to toggle archive invalidation off and back on, if you still have any texture problems.


Delete the .esp file from your Data directory.

Delete the Magic Wand directory in both the Meshes and Textures directories.


The only thing that might conflict with other mods are the lists, such as the pyromaniac perk weapons. Just make sure the mod is loaded last, by moving it down the list in the mod manager, if you think you're not getting the pyromaniac bonus when shooting the wand.


For my work, I release this in the public domain. You can do with it whatever you wish. You can give it to a character in your own mods, retexture it, change it to something else, port it to another game, and generally anything you can think of.

The sounds, muzzle flash and projectile are Bethesda's though, so I can't give you permission to those. But for Fallout 3 and NV it's ok to use those too.


Beefed up the bonus damage over time, both normal and critical

Replaced the shooting sound with something more flame-like than gun-like
Added a flame sound to the projectile as it flies by (e.g., in VATS or if you give the wand to a companion)
Added the instructions on how to turn archive invalidation on to the readme file
Made the metal bands holding it together a little shinier
Added a sighting node for the eventual NV port
Replaced the icon with the repellent stick icon. Looks more wand-like.

Added the wand to the MS10SetHaroldOnFireWeaponsList, PerkPyromaniacWeapons, and FireWeapons lists
Tweaked the glossiness all over
Made the crystal a little bit less transparent, since it was looking weird
Doubled the speed of the bolts
Added a collision mesh

First Fallout 3 Release