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My first official mod. Discover the story of John Whitman, veteran combat and technical specialist, and his experiments. Access the new Elite Combat Suit, purchase the new Nuka-Cola Alpha, and recieve new perks and content. Replaces beer with Gamma Gulp. Master the art of Blood Frenzy and dominate your enemies. Adds three new perks, original cut content, a unique* set of armor, and a new merchant to Tenpenny Tower.*

*=Uses default appearances and textures
*=John will not appear during the possible attack on Tenpenny Tower. The attack happens while he is out gathering supplies. He will re-appear when the attack ends.

John will sandbox the lobby of Tenpenny Tower.

Conflicts: JohnWhitman uses only vanilla Fallout 3, Abbreviated Effects, and Operation Anchorage. The only mod conflicts will be from mods that affect NPC's, Tenpenny Tower, or beer.

Requirements: Fallout 3, Operation Anchorage.
To prevent crashing caused by equipping the Elite Combat Suit, download
Abbrievated Effects by Unospazmatic.