Immersive First-Person Messages

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Immersive First-Person Messages
Bringing you a greater sense of dialogue immersion!
IFPM v1.2


Immersive First-Person Messages (IFPM for short) is a mod whose sole purpose is to change all instances of second-person messages (You, Your) to first-person messages (I, My). In doing so I am hoping to bring a greater sense of immersion to the game.

The reason for all of this is due to the fact that I am playing with quite a few awesome immersion mods, such as the amazing Fallout 3 - Enhanced Camera mod which turns many animations into 1st person, as well as survival mechanics built into the equally amazing FWE - FO3 Wanderers Edition so I thought why not enhance things a bit and have the in-game messages be read as if you were reading them yourself. To me I get a greater sense of immersion into the game as I read all the dialogue but of course to each their own!

This mod is safe to install and/or remove at any point in your playthrough. The same goes for updating.

I am planning on offering two versions of the same mod, both with DLC compatibility. This first version will directly convert all messages from 2nd person to 1st person as is, whereas the 2nd version that is coming soon will be a complete re-write to better integrate into the game, offer more flavour or even better hints etc. The 2nd version will also change and standardize the menu options you select when in a dialogue to better reflect the situation and the given 1st person perspective. Here is a great example of how my upcoming main version will change things (for the better in a 1st person perspective).

You know the dialogue when you exit Vault 101? Here is the vanilla version:

Before you leave Vault 101 forever, you may revise your character.

Edit Name
Edit Race/Sex
Edit S.P.E.C.I.A.L
Edit Tag Skills
Finish - Exit Vault 101

Now here is my preferred main version of the same dialogue:

Before I leave Vault 101 forever, I may take a moment to reflect upon myself.

[Change My Name]
[Change My Race/Sex]
[Reassign My S.P.E.C.I.A.L Points]
[Change My Tag Skills]
[Finished - I'm Ready To Leave Vault 101!]

This should give you a solid understanding of what this mod does and the affect it has. Though of course the above is an extreme example and an almost complete re-write, and I still plan to make changes so for lore purists the current version which will be replaced by the main version will be offered as an optional to keep everything as is and only change references from 2nd person to 1st person.



There are no requirements other than having the base game and any other DLCs that I offer optionals for. Eventually there will be a GOTY version that combines all the versions into one. In time as I offer support for popular mods they may become requirements for those versions.



I thoroughly recommend using Mod Organizer to help installing mods and managing your load order. Yes, it is a Skyrim mod but works for all TES/FO games. Do not use the MO on this Fallout 3 Nexus as it is outdated.

For those of you who still prefer a manual approach the instructions are as follows:

Step 1) Download the latest version of my mod, along with any optional files you require, and extract the archive contents somewhere. Check the folder contents and ensure you start with a Data folder, and therein should an .esp file. If this is true please copy (or cut) the entire Data folder into your root directory of Fallout 3, overwriting any files if asked. Ensure you don't place the Data folder inside the Data folder of your Fallout 3 directory.
Step 2) Load my mod as low as you can after all other plugins to ensure maximum compatibility. I haven't yet found a mod that does what my mod does, nor any mod that edits dialogue messages so when in doubt better safe than sorry.

Step 3 [Optional]) Ensure that you are using ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated (if you aren't already) and manually ensure that bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 is true in your Fallout.ini file located in Documents\my games\Fallout3 for non-MO users and in ModOrganizer\profiles\ProfileName for MO users.

MO users simply install the mod as per normal and enable the plugin(s) one by one***.***



To uninstall this mod, browse to your Data folder in your Fallout 3 root directory and delete the following file:

  • Immersive First-Person Messages - Complete.esp

If you did not install the Complete version (or also installed some optionals) check for and remove the following as well:

  • Immersive First-Person Messages - Vanilla.esp

  • Immersive First-Person Messages - Operation Anchorage.esp

  • Immersive First-Person Messages - The Pitt.esp

  • Immersive First-Person Messages - Broken Steel.esp

  • Immersive First-Person Messages - Point Lookout.esp

  • Immersive First-Person Messages - Mothership Zeta.esp

  • Immersive First-Person Messages - Loading Screens.esp

MO users simply disable and/or remove the mod as per normal.


Cleaning Notes

Please DO NOT clean this mod in any way, it has no dirty or wild edits and each record is required for it to work.



This mod will conflict with any mods that edit the message and load screen entries, though I haven't found any that do this so far. This mod is safe to install and/or remove at any point in your playthrough. The same goes for updating.



Unless you get in touch with me to discuss an arrangement and I agree, I will not allow any changes, additions, edits, patches, translations or any form of releasing my mod under another author or on another site. If I do not respond this does not automatically give you permission to use my mod. I strive to keep a high level of quality in all the work that I do and I would like to continue working on and fixing my own mods rather than having others doing it for me or having them deal with issues that may arise due to my own work.


Credits & Acknowledgement

  • Organ1smano - for putting up with my endless hours of modding (923 hours and counting since Skyrim)!
  • Bethesda Softworks - for making several engaging and captivating RPG's to date and bringing players closer as a community through modding!
  • Nexus Mods - of which this community wouldn't exist so well organized and staffed not to mention the plethora of mods hosted!
  • You - for taking the time to read through this and/or trying out my mod and that of others thus ensuring the community lives on!