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This is a mod I started working on a couple years ago and finally got around to finishing it enough for I guess we'll call it a Beta release.
I originally intended for a bit of a story quest to get it built ... but shrinking it down till it ended up being just a bunch of tedious fetch
and harvest time sinks.   So I said the heck with the build requirements for now since people can easily roleplay that aspect ... and left
building each piece as easy as a click.  Which the house is still functional at what ever stage you want to leave it.

This particular file has only one location  (north Springvale)  But am looking at setting up atleast 2 other locations ... Which then I would probably
put in a build quest  (with bypass option of course)  Plus expand the attack feature.

The house placement is in the same spot as the "RanchDestroyed" static building that is boarded up and inaccessible in vanilla.  So any mod that modifies that building and imediate surrounding ... this one will conflict with.   Although if the other mod doesn't adjust the exterior to much ... that static building can be relocated fairly easy to keep it as a neighbor with this one.

Special Thanks to Uhmattbravo for All his help on this project. Mongo for the invis chair and Marthgun for the invistrigger.nifs