Clifftop Shack - A mod for Alton

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The first mod for the unofficial DLC: Alton, IL.
This adds a cozy and realistic shack atop a cliff overlooking the Dust Bowl. Inside, you will find a home for yourself amid the harsh and unforgiving wastes of Alton.
Many modern conveniences await, including two generators powering not only the abundance of lights, but a state-of-the art refrigerator as well. Now, your Nuka Cola will never be the sticky-lukewarm you've grown accustomed to!

Upon loading the mod, a map marker is automatically added to your PipBoy with the location of the shack.

-Fallout 3
-The Pitt
-Broken Steel
-Point Lookout
-Alton, IL (


1.02.1 - Moved position of the ceiling hatch; interior and exterior locations match up now

1.02 - Added a chimney pipe to the exterior over the fireplace (Check Screenshot)

  • Reinforced the fireplace corner of the exterior (Check screenshot)
    -Replaced the static chair on the rooftop deck with a sittable version.

1.01 - Updated for use with the new Alton, IL ESM.