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Ok internet I need you to do me a favor here: please be understanding. I made this mod purely with experience in modding Oblivion and Skyrim, seeing as I'm one of the unfortunate souls who has an Intel "graphics card" that can't run Fallout 3 and none of the fixes have worked for me.

Anyway, on to the (god i just hope this works) mod i possibly made.

If you do the wasteland survival guide quest, you might run across a part where Moira wants you to test her repellent stick. It has a very deadly effect on mole rats, and when you return it to her one of the dialogue options is something like this: "Can I get this in bullet form? For people?"

My mod gives it to you in the form of a gun, but still only for mole rats. (Will work on people form later). The gun is a 10mm pistol and silenced 10mm pistol. You can (hopefully) purchase it from Moira any time (want to make sure this works before i try to script it till after the quest).

Would love (kinda need actually) feedback from anyone who tries the mod. Yes you! No not you, the pretty one.