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Bus Shop

Thank you for looking at this mod!

I have always thought that Fallout 3 has an incredible amount of potential in its world space. There is so much space to create cities, towns, and strongholds.

Bus Shop is a mod that will, eventually, be a part of a much larger mod. I plan on releasing the larger mod in installments. This is the first installment. The larger mod will add dozens of new cities, fully voiced NPCs, vendors, and areas. This mod only contains one NPC and its living space. A lot of work is already done on the larger mod, including a large town, so I can assure you that it is not simply a vision that I have.


This mod features a fully voiced vendor who sells various goods. The vendor is located near his station, an old husk of a bus that is sitting right near Super-Duper Mart.


Simply drag the contents of the archive into your Fallout 3 Data folder.

Known Bugs

  • the vendor tends to stay right outside of his station (instead of inside)