Big Options in Big Town

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There is a yellow electrical switch activator near the robots in the junkyard in town, you can use it to:

Enable/resurrect or disable 4 new resident guards, Knee-Hi, Dobbie, Gooey, Fibs. (disabled by default)

Add Red's Outfit to Red, in case you stole it from her in inventory share like I always do...

Add automatic weapons to residents. (Guards from mod will already have them.

Enable/resurrect or disable the vanilla Protectron, Sentinel. (Can't be done until Red is rescued.)
Enabling the vanilla robots also adds a third robot to join the two vanilla ones, and brings back any disabled, setdestroyed, setghosted, dead, never repaired in the first place,  etc. of the two vanilla robots. 
I wouldn't do a robot enable until you've done any guns, mines, robot repair, sneak training scenes you want to do with the Big Town residents, as messing with the robot var.s may immediately start the mutant attacks.

Conflict possibilities should be limited to the places where this mod adds:
4 human actors near the flaming barrel.
1 creature actor (robobrain) near the two vanilla robots.
1 electrical switch activator near the vanilla robots
2 xmarker headings where you cross the bridge coming into town.
Also, it's possible you could have in something that messes with the robot variables, and rekills them or something.  
I don't think the UOP or the robot clean up mod on Nexus will conflict, but I haven't verified that.