Realistic Visual Cyberpunk 2077

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You have 2 pressets! more about them below:

                                                                                               By Adam Jensen2029
                                                                                 "Realistic Visual RTS Cyberpunk 2077"
                                                             This Reshade presset Improves namely effects:

                                                          Reflections, Shadows, Lighting,Colour Correction.
                                                          The mod takes away 15 - 20 FPS during hard drawdowns,

                                                                   just minimize the game and go back

                                                                     "Realistic Visual Colour balans Cyberpunk 2077"
                                                                                      This Reshade presset improves the color scheme in the game,
                                                                                       balances the contrast, color brightness 
                                                                                              and takes away about 3-5 FPS.

                                                                                                                Update 9.0:

                                                                                       Now the reflections are where they are needed.

                                            Improved shadows and lighting Added an ADOF shader thatmakes the

                                                                  image focus by blurring the background images. 

                                              Many people won't like this, but you can  turn it off, but definitely give it a try.

                                                                The color grading is nice and works even better

                                                                       with the green filters in Cyberpunk 2077.



1.Download and install Resade (with all effects):Home (

2.Download my presset

3.Put all files from the arhive to game folder.

4.In the game, press home to open the reshade and select my reshade preset.

5.Thats all enjoy).

And so ray tracing in ''Cyberpunk 2077'' is very demanding on the PC and is not available on 

all video cards, and the game itself without ray tracing turned on looks beautiful, but the 

reflections are of very low quality, the shadows are worked out, but not like with RT and in

this mod I tried to do it something similar to ray tracing without ray tracing itself, that is,

a simulation.

And there is no need to say that there are no such elements in Reshade and what kind 

of ray tracing is with the GTX 1060... Such shaders are in Reshade, an example is: 

qUINT_ssr, DH_UBER RT, ReflectiveBumpMapping and you can read about them yourself 

but know !!! This is not a full-fledged ray tracing, but just
a simulation using shaders and effects in Reshade!!!