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"Peace cannot be achieved unless those who spread war are destroyed."

Dr. Thomas Light

A brief explanation about this mod and how to navigate this big mod page:
This is a collection of custom cyberware, my goal is to have at least 1 cyberware per body system. I always try to aim for unconventional approaches to cyberware design and functionality.

This mod is inspired by games I love (like the Megaman series) and also Cyberpunk TTRPG. I've also created a lot of custom lore if you're interested in reading it, made primarily to immerse my items in the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. You can get those lore dumps on the "What is...?" sections.

If you don't want to read that much and want to quickly know what the items do, look for the "Specs" section of each cyberware. If you want to know more about the item design process, check out my "Author's comments" section on each cyberware.

You can go to the individual mod pages for each item by clicking on the name of the cyberware.

Thank you for visiting my mod and I hope you can enjoy this cyberware collection as much as I do.


.What is Raito Labs?
Spoiler:  ShowAfter the Fourth Corporate War, while hiding and surviving in bunkers, Dr. Thomas Light, a leading pre-DataKrash robotics scientist, began developing primitive robotic technology to help people survive in the devastated world left by the war.

Focusing on combat, speed of movement and the revolutionary use of Cyberspace as part of the battlefield, Dr. Light began to gain notoriety and popularity as a manufacturer, thanks to incredible reports of success in all kinds of operations and emergency situations.

A few years passed as Dr. Light developed more technology and helped civil and military resistances around the world combat the rogue AI threat before the implementation of the Blackwall. Driven by the success of the "X" model series and following an agreement with Fuyutsuki Electronics, Raito Labs was born in Japan under Dr. Light's direction and quickly began developing its own cutting-edge technology based on data retrieved from dark corners of the net, called the "Z" model series.

Today, Raito Labs continues to develop highly classified and nearly unknown military-grade cyberware, but some of their creations can still be found in Night City available to anyone with enough eddies. Black markets and ripperdoc clinics also have secret models and prototypes available to connoisseurs and pro mercs alike.

Currently available cyberware

Operating Systems:

- Chronos (Cyberdeck/Sandevistan Hybrid)

What is Chronos?
Spoiler:  ShowDuring the rogue AI crisis, Dr. Light discovered that Cyberspace is its own reality and dimension, with its own rules, but always based on Meatspace (our true reality).

Using quantum physics, Dr. Light was able to find a way to make an instant deep dive from Meatspace to Cyberspace without using a netchair or external coolants, but a side effect was discovered soon after starting the tests: The temporary and partial dematerialization of the test subject, Zero.

Intrigued after the tests, Dr. Light realized that the subject was not actually doing a deep dive, but entering a newly discovered layer of existence between the two known dimensions. He called that dimension "The Rift".

Inside the Rift, test subjects could not interact with physical entities and objects, but at the same time those objects also had "presence" and volume. On the other hand, test subjects could use netrunning abilities inside the Rift and also be affected by netrunning attacks.

While partially dematerialized, subjects also experienced changes in their physical capabilities, such as increased speed of movement, increased resistance to gravity, reduced visibility, less damage taken and no fatigue after physical exertion.

After understanding the entire process behind, Dr. Light developed a unique quantum processor compatible with Cyberdecks, which he called Chronos, capable of instantaneously calculating Rift openings at the user's will.

Due to the experimental nature of this technology, Chronos was launched at an unusually low cost, which further increased suspicions about the technology among potential users, leading to a commercial failure despite marketing efforts and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of users.

This cyberware can be found at our Virtual store and ripperdoc clinics.

Chronos specs
Spoiler:  Show
Spoiler:  ShowBecause of how this system works, each Chronos upgrade does not change its model as normal cyberware does, but instead increases the user's attunement to the Rift, allowing for greater time dilation strength, including more RAM slots per upgrade. Chronos also features a small memory dump system, which frees up RAM when a target is removed from the probabilities.

Although we cannot currently stay inside the Rift any longer without running the risk of disappearing completely inside it, our autonomous endocooling system compensates for this, allowing Chronos users to activate it the moment it has RAM available for use.

About Chronos (author's comments)
Spoiler:  ShowFirst of all, thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me. Now, to the topic:

Chronos needs to be understood and used as a "manual warp or blink" system. Instead of instantly teleporting you to a place, you will have to move your character to the point you want to get to.

I designed this cyberware trying to find a way to create something unique between the Cyberdecks and Sandevistan systems.

I'm not a netrunner player, I'm a katana/knife Sandevistan player, and while Cyberware-Ex allows me to use Cyberdecks and Sandevistan at the same time, it's also a total and utterly broken combo.

To get around this, I've implemented a custom game restriction system (it will ONLY work while Chronos is in slow-mo) and a fairly high RAM cost (lower RAM cost = Spam / Higher RAM cost = Low activation rate to compensate for game restrictions while slow-mo is active). Despite the implemented restrictions, you can use Chronos slow-mo inside vehicles.

I have put limited slots for quickhacks because IRL quantum computers are inefficient for performing normal PC tasks and their usefulness lies (theoretically) in performing quantum math.

I've also designed a custom SFX/VFX system only for Chronos slow-mo activation/deactivation, plus custom on-screen icons to show active time and cooldown time (because the Sandevistan icon is replaced by the Cyberdeck icon when you get the Overclock perk). All of this using in-game resources.

I know this is also kinda broken (balance on this game is hard as fuck), but try it first before jumping into conclusions and you'll see how vanilla Iconic Sandevistan and any Cyberdeck are far more broken than this.

- Sougenmu (Sandevistan)

What is Sougenmu?
Spoiler:  ShowThe Blackwall. While its creation is still surrounded by mystery, everyone who dives into the net knows what it is capable of. Everyone knows that you can reach the Blackwall from anywhere with a simple link. Hundreds or even thousands of reckless netrunners have suffered the same burning fate, but... What if such tremendous power could be harnessed? What if we could use it for more than a measure against AI and against intruders?

Those questions were in Dr. Light's mind since he learned about the Blackwall's capabilities. With the rogue AI menace extinguished, he started to work in a way to redirect the Blackwall's fury against the real warmongers, the megacorps that rule it all.

First tests were a complete disaster, losing human and robotic volunteers alike, he quickly realized that he needed something new to deal with such power, a new way to gather the data needed to progress with his plan.

The answer was simple in concept, but extremely hard to achieve.

Mixing organic tissue and cybernetics, he was able to create a capacitor capable of sustaining the Blackwall overload just enough to get a closer look, and while it was completely impossible to avoid side effects on humans, robotic individuals were able to keep the test going on.

After the biocapacitor success, he discovered that the side effects were mostly caused by electric overload on the CNS, so the next step was discovering a way to handle that remaining energy.

To avoid CNS overload, the biocapacitor was inserted directly on the spinal cord and, using Sandevistan neural interface technology, it was able to integrate seamlessly with the neural system.

A second step was to deploy hundreds of dermal nanomachines on the subjects, something that would be impossible to power or control with conventional cyberware. Those dermal nanomachines are, currently, capable of refracting light in a synchronized way, which allows the user to blend with its surroundings almost perfectly.

Even with that power-hungry approach, the Blackwall side effects were too strong... But weak enough to be endured by a human.

First human tests conducted after that discovery were a complete success, but no one expected that the subjects could gain such absurd movement speed.

Powered by the Blackwall, test subjects were able to move faster and experience improved cognitive reflexes, along with faster neural synapse. Such capabilities were more obvious with melee weapons, where surgical precision will excel in combat.

But as the Blackwall gives, the Blackwall takes: Someone linked to the Blackwall would still suffer physical damage.

To avoid the risk of losing more subjects to the cruel Blackwall fate, Dr. Light also added another layer of security: a fail-safe link interruptor when the subject's health was critical. Sudden interruption with Cyberspace, even in non-dive scenarios, can cause extreme neural overload, and this case wasn't different. To avoid that, this device will deplete its entire charge when the fail-safe is triggered, effectively protecting human brains from the horrors of the Blackwall.

After many iterations, a functional and safe enough device was created and ready to be shipped to the market and, as expected, the device was a total commercial failure, because obvious reasons: Everyone fears the Blackwall, even the most experienced mercs.

You can still find this system at Ripperdocs and our Virtual store... Just remember one thing: No one can handle the Blackwall power without consequences.

Sougenmu specs
Spoiler:  Show

About Sougenmu (author's comments)
Spoiler:  ShowSougenmu name was taken from a Zero technique from Megaman X5, which is also useed on Marvel vs Capcom.

Making this cyberware has been really difficult, likely one of the biggest challenges since I created Chronos. For me, Chronos sets a high bar regarding my future creations, especially on Operating Systems, as it is where I have more expression than with regular Cyberware.

I'm sure you know Time Dilation Overhaul mod. I fucking loved it, specially the HP drain mechanic. I always wanted to do something like that. Sadly, just using TweaksDB comes with some limitations, and the way I've implemented the HP drain is not the most efficient one and nowhere near as clever as TDO's implementation.

My HP drain consists of a continuous attack to the player, these attacks randomly deal between 1 to 8 HP of damage to the user. Is impossible to measure exactly how much HP it takes, but I can control the frequency of how often the attack can happen. With that in mind, I can calculate how much HP per second could do. It may not be an exact value, but it's close enough (and trust me, I've tested this for WEEKS). You may find it a little harsh, but I gave tools to deal with this.

Why 22 HP per second? Because, since this is an attack, it doesn't feel like a drain if I make the attacks happen on more prolonged intervals (and I'm talking about fractions of seconds of difference, literally 0.1 secs of difference makes A LOT of difference on how it feels). 22 HP per second equates to 1 attack every 0.1096 seconds (in fact, was less than 22 always on my test, but close to it. 22 feels like a more truthful value). 0.2 feels too slow for the drain effect. You are still free to tweak it, with Sougenmu update I'm integrating a new way to edit all my items as easiest as possible by editing the yaml/yml files itself.

Mastering the use of this cyberware takes time and is not easy. However, it feels really good and rewarding when used properly, at least for me. Even I, the creator, struggle using it sometimes and get punished by my mistakes. I tested this against enemies enhanced by Enemies of Night City mod and Damage Scaling mod, with default EoNC settings and enemies doing 2x more damage, player 1x damage (so, same damage as vanilla). While harsh, this gave me a leverage on certain situations that maybe could be dealt with faster with a vanilla Sandevistan but, let's face it, vanilla Sandevistan systems are broken, specially Iconic Sandevistan. There is little to no tradeoff in using it, so this is my take on a tradeoff.

I know you may be a little worried about the stats, but, as always, first TRY IT, then consider balance. I'm still open to balance this even further, because balance on this cyberware has been a nightmare since I need to reward for the great HP loss but also stay somewhat "balanced" in terms of damage.

This is a weird system, it doesn't restrict any playstyle but that doesn't mean it doesn't have an intended one. This cyberware is designed by a melee player for melee players, especially those using Blades and Throwables.

As for firearms players, stay tuned for future updates... I'll get there.

I'm sorry for delaying this that much. I hope this is good enough to live up to the expectations. Thank you for reading this.

Miscellaneous Systems:

- NeuroRepo (Frontal Cortex - EX Sukiru)

What is NeuroRepo?
Spoiler:  ShowDr. Light's hand-crafted code repository, stored on a quantum state drive (QSD) for real-time access. This allows optimizations on Quickhack upload times and memory costs, while also increasing the neural data flow. While Overclock is active, all effects are boosted by 100%.
This cyberware can be found at our Virtual store and specialized ripperdoc clinics.

NeuroRepo specs
Spoiler:  Show

About NeuroRepo (author's comments)
Spoiler:  ShowInspired by Cybermatrix Wet Drive and current code repos like GitHub. Pretty self explanatory and simple. Yes, Intelligence will also increase on Overclock, doesn't do anything because 20 is the cap but I like to imagine someone very intelligent in that moment.

P.S: The game won't reduce the quickhacks cost further than 2 RAM at minimum, for example, if you have -5 RAM cost, but a quickhack costs 3, then your quickhack will cost 2 at minimum. This reduction also won't apply to "Vehicle Quickhacks", for some reason their Memory cost can't be reduced with TweaksDB, only through script.

- NanoFibril (Skeleton System - EX Sukiru)

What is NanoFibril?
Spoiler:  ShowSynthetic muscle enhanced with nanomachines programmed to act as myofibrils, improving overall muscular strength and tissue regeneration. Tensing your muscles while holding weapons will increase the strength effects.
This cyberware can be found at our Virtual store and specialized ripperdoc clinics.

NanoFibril specs
Spoiler:  Show

NanoFibril specs (With License to Chrome 3/3)
Spoiler:  Show

About NanoFibril (author's comments)
Spoiler:  ShowInspired by Grafted Muscle and Bone Lace. I didn't want to put more armor/hp buffs because there is too much of that already in-game. Simple to understand, does what it says. I didn't wanted to put No Spread because I wanted to keep some "meaty feeling" while aiming and shooting, still moves but a little. Totally static feels less "meaty" and more "robotic". Try it with a weapon mod that reduces spread and I'm sure you'll understand what I mean.
Fun fact: Nanotechnology is already canon.

- Tool Hand (Hands - EX Sukiru)

What is Tool Hand?
Spoiler:  ShowDexterous cyberhand equipped with a small toolkit such as a screwdriver, a wrench, or a drill inside the fingers and palm. Increases weapon swap and reload speed. Includes an Agent linked to your optical system, capable of releasing a nanotransmitter that can attach to melee weapons (and mark your enemies) on contact.
This cyberware can be found at our Virtual store and specialized ripperdoc clinics.

Tool Hand specs
Spoiler:  Show

About Tool Hand (author's comments)
Spoiler:  ShowInspired by Tool Hand. I didn't wanted to give just damage but add utility to any kind of weapon, to give as much freedom as I could with this one. It may not look like, but marking enemies with melees (and throwables) on dark places is a neat addition,  specially when not using a Cyberdeck, which can simply use Ping.

About EX Sukiru Series (author's comments)
Spoiler:  ShowName inspired by EX Skill from Megaman Zero series.The idea behind this series is giving more freedom of choice regarding V gameplay build. I've seen many times that players spec into the 3 main skill check attributes (Body/Int/Tech) just for the skill checks alone, which limits the build choices.

I didn't want to add more than +5 attribute check (On Int more than +5 has no effect and on Body +6 is also intended as joke) because it'll reward people that reach at least to 15, which is a nice middle ground to settle on some attributes.

All names, descriptions and effects are meant to be as straight forward as possible, on contrast to Chronos, mainly because I didn't want deviate that much from the sources used as inspiration. Effects are meant to be on the weak/moderate side, a mix designed for people who usually doesn't get benefits from those builds.

I don't want to make cyberware that just increases damage, and while I'm doing it here is mainly to stay inline with the concept. I've tried to be as creative as I possible with my limited resources/knowledge and I hope this series can give you more freedom in your journey.

Same as with Chronos, please, try them first before judging their balance. All effects are weaker than their cyberware counterparts and also weaker than perks and weapon modifications (from the vanilla game) used as base/inspiration.
Optional and Miscellaneous Files
Optional Files: This mod includes a Virtual Atelier store in case anyone wants it, called "Raito Labs - Custom Cyberware". It'll always sell the cyberware cheaper than regular Ripperdocs. Requires Virtual Atelier mod to be used.

I've included files for Sougenmu and Chronos to not use the new custom shader on activation. On activation, Sougenmu and Chronos will REMOVE the Optical camo shader (that looks invisible), BUT NOT THE OPTICAL CAMO EFFECT. The effect will last and work as it should, even without the visual effect. I've tried to avoid this issue, but the way I'm implementing this custom shaders sadly conflicts (IDK why tbh, my guess is that this system wasn't designed for multiple shader sources).

Miscellaneous Files: There is also included a Localization File, which is in English. You can translate it and I'll add it to the mod with credits for the translator.
**How the custom shader looks?



CET Codes

Spoiler:  ShowGame.AddToInventory("Items.RaitoChronosCommon")

Spoiler:  ShowGame.AddToInventory("Items.RaitoSougenmuCommon")

Spoiler:  ShowGame.AddToInventory("Items.RaitoNeuroRepoCommon")

Spoiler:  ShowGame.AddToInventory("Items.RaitoNanoFibrilCommon")

Tool Hand:
Spoiler:  ShowGame.AddToInventory("Items.RaitoToolHandCommon")


  • It should already be compatible with anything else, but please let me know if you find a conflicting mod.

  • Compatibility patch with Cyberware Mesh Ext (CME) included (thanks to Angevil).

  • If you are using Cyberware-EX, activation of Chronos "Sandevistan mode" (aka The Rift) and Overclock are the same as with that mod: Just "E" (Interaction button) for Rift activation, Scanner + "E" (Interaction button) for Overclock once you have the perk to activate it.

  • Right now, Chronos is not compatible with Quickhack Loadouts from RMK. RMK is looking for a solution. You can have both mods installed, but you can't use quickhack loadouts in Chronos because it will remove the Sandevistan capabilities (You can't slow time). I can't fix this on my end.

Future Plans

  • Adding more cyberware.

  • Adding localization (If you wanna help me with this, please send me the files or make a comment with the translation, otherwise I'll report and take down any translation reupload. I'm doing this because I'll keep updating this mod in the future and I don't want outdated versions out there).

  • Maybe reworking what already exist (on this mod page) if I manage to learn redscript/CET someday.

  • You can check more closer future plans in the first pinned post in the comment section!

Supported Languages

Recommended mods

Known Issues

  • Chronos icon won't appear in your Action Buttons until you have Overclock perk. I cannot fix this.

  • When you have Overclock perk, icon will show but will only show Overclock charge. With Cyberware-EX installed, you'll see 2 Chronos icons in the Actions Buttons and they will activate and deactivate at the same time while using Overclock. I cannot fix this.

  • Sometimes the custom screen VFX and SFX will persist when you change from Chronos and Sougenmu to another Sandevistan. A quick save + reload fix this. I cannot prevent this.

  • On activation, Sougenmu and Chronos will REMOVE the Optical camo shader (that looks invisible), BUT NOT THE OPTICAL CAMO EFFECT. The effect will last and work as it should, even without the visual effect. I've tried to avoid or fix this issue, but the way I'm implementing these custom shaders sadly conflicts (IDK why tbh, my guess is that this system wasn't designed for multiple shader sources). I've made Optional files for Sougenmu and Chronos without visual shader if this bothers you too much.

  • Chronos default VFX can cause stutters or lag spikes under certain circumstances, I've made Optional files (with and without Holo shader) in case you want the old VFX version, which was more lightweight.

  • Right now, Chronos is not compatible with Quickhack Loadouts from RMK. RMK is looking for a solution. You can have both mods installed, but you can't use quickhack loadouts in Chronos because it will remove the Sandevistan capabilities (You can't slow time). I can't fix this on my end.

How to Install

  • Install required mods.
  • Download this mod (Main File or Optional Files) manually or through Vortex/MO2.
  • Extract the zip/rar contents into the Cyberpunk 2077 main installation folder.
  • It should look like:
  • Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts/RaitoLabs [ONLY IF YOU INSTALLED OPTIONAL FILE]

  • Cyberpunk 2077/r6/tweaks/RaitoLabs

  • Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod/RaitoLabs.archive

  • Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod/RaitoLabs.archive.xl

How to Uninstall
Remove the mod through Vortex/MO2 or manually delete the following files/folders:

  • Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts/RaitoLabs (Whole folder) [ONLY IF YOU INSTALLED OPTIONAL FILE]

  • Cyberpunk 2077/r6/tweaks/RaitoLabs (Whole folder)

  • Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod/RaitoLabs.archive

  • Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod/RaitoLabs.archive.xl

Special Thanks

  • Cyberwopss for existing.
  • RMK for helping me to understand how to do tweaks properly.
  • Bioskop for helping me with a lot of things for this mod and also for all the support on this process. Sorry for being such a PITA.
  • Angevil for helping me with CME support by doing the whole addition structure and for letting me merge said changes with my main file.
  • Berrywoman for always being a fucking awesome individual and for spreading Cyberwopss gospel.
  • Creators and colaborators of modding tools and the modding discord.