(PROPS) Treat Yourself (Makeup and Cosmetics)

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It's time to give your Vs something to care about themselves! Check images for the ref pic!
~50 items of makeup, cosmetics and bathroom accessories are here for them! Items are divided to three groups

GGTY_ba = bathroom accessories
GGTY_makeup = makeup items, mostly in-game meshes recolors
GGTY_cosmetics = some bottles and cremes

—  works only with AMM
—  .archive goes to Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
—  .lua goes to Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\AppearanceMenuMod\Collabs\Custom Props
—  search in the decor tab for GGTY to get the whole pack or use 'group tags' I posted above
— all props are scalable
— if something appears too big or too small — it's up to you to make it look normal xD

To uninstall the mod simply delete the files.
Known bugs: makeup brushes sometimes don't spawn inside the photomode, re-entering the photomode helps!

Credits: models are not mine, all I did was editing and porting; for the full credits open the credits tab!

Huge thanx to all testers, and to wiz for editing the cover pic <3