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The Militech Odysseus XMK19, a limited production follow on to the Hercules 3AX, was developed after the Hercules Prototype went missing in 2077. The Odysseus refines the Hercule's design principles as providing overwhelming suppression of hostile forces through the same Power/Smart weapon capabilities. Despite this, the innovative corrosive rounds of the Hercules were replaced with conventional High Explosive airburst rounds to simplify field logistics and to increase efficacy against mechanized targets. A recent upgrade based on field experience has implemented a conventional "Dial-A-Yield" capability, adapted from older gen "backpack" nuclear demolition charges. This let's the weapon's FCS vary the explosion size to adjust for complex battlefield situations.

Or to put it a different way, this is a new, non Iconic version of the Hercules featuring a new base mesh I created by combining elements from multiple vanilla models. That does mean it can't be upgraded but it does have two mod slots and is suppressed by default.

How to acquire:
Wilson sells the gun as well as recipes to craft it at various tier levels. Inside the archive are CET codes as well. Also! It's been added to the weapon pool for some enemies, have fun with that :D
Change log:* V1.0.1 minor tweaks to weapon stats to give it a slightly increased dismember chance and increased knockdown. Additional fixes to correct errors with the NPC weapon pools

  • V1.5  Stat buffs and attack changes! I wasn't happy with the attack set as it was, I wanted to differentiate between hip/ADS fire more. The intent is for hip fire to be better against groups and enemies behind cover with ADS being better for specific targets and suppressive fire (i.e., force enemies to hide from the smart rounds). So hip fire has a larger explosion now.
  • V1.5x Optional file adding Trigger Mode Control functionality. Swap between Full Auto and Semi Auto!

Known Issues:

  • The gun should be suppressed like the Overwatch, but I'm still testing to make sure that is working properly. I believe it is, however it is hard to know for sure due to how enemy detection works and the fact that it's a full auto grenade launcher essentially.
  • Haven't tested that enemies can actually spawn with the gun.