Lace Top and Skirt (Modular) with GarmentSupport - ArchiveXL (fem V)

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CD PROJEKT RED and yellingintothevoid

this is a port of a modified in-game item with custom appearances. the clothes feature GarmentSupport, which shrinks other clothing worn in combination to prevent clipping. for example, the top shrinks below coats and jackets, and t-shirts tuck into the skirt. GS is kinda whacky but mostly works. other clothing items worn with the shirt must also support GS for shrinking to apply. to find mods that support the feature, here's a search for mods that include "gs" in their description. all vanilla items (and recolours of vanilla items) have GarmentSupport enabled.

by editing the .yaml file of the items, you can create your own colour variations of the top and the skirt! for example, if you open void_Lace_Top.yaml, you'll see the line:
- { base_color: black, texture: lace_black, icon: 01 }

you can change this to:
- { base_color: black, texture: lace_white, icon: 01 }

this will create an appearance where the cloth colour of the top is black, and the lace is white. to create an entirely new, additional entry, simply duplicate one of the lines and change the name of the lace colour! see the attached image for some examples. valid entries for texture: are:

the in-game name of the item you've changed will change its name accordingly, but the icon will not. if you've changed an appearance, it will not show up in the Virtual Atelier. you will need to re-spawn it with its matching CET code:

for example:

choose which body your V uses and install via Vortex or unpack the .zip files and copy their contents to the root folder of your Cyberpunk 2077 installation. this should add the .archive and the .xl files to .\archive\pc\mod and the .yaml files to .\r6\tweaks.

default CET codes (skirt):
Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_black_lace_black",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_blue_lace_blue",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_green_lace_green",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_grey_lace_grey",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_leather_black_lace_grey",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_leather_white_lace_white",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_purple_lace_purple",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_red_lace_red",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_sky_lace_sky",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_white_lace_white",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_tiered_skirt_lace_top_yellow_lace_yellow",1)

default CET codes (top):
Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_black_lace_black",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_blue_lace_blue",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_green_lace_green",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_grey_lace_grey",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_leather_black_lace_grey",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_leather_white_lace_white",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_purple_lace_purple",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_red_lace_red",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_shiny_lace_black",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_sky_lace_sky",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_white_lace_white",1) Game.AddToInventory("Items.yv_lace_top_yellow_lace_yellow",1)

also available in this Virtual Atelier.

massive thanks to manavortex for creating a Python script which i've used to generate the in-game names of all 99 appearance combinations.