High Res NPCs - Johnny Silverhand 2.0 - MonstrrMagic Texture Series

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Because you deserve nice things!****
High-resolution textures of Silverhand. Includes face, cyberware, tattoos and clothing.
I have upscaled all textures by 4x using chaiNNer and ESRGAN models, to a maximum of 4K. 
A 2K option is available if you're concerned about your VRAM.

Johnny's textures were updated for game version 2.0. If you want the look of the original textures you can use the original mod.

Thank you to Truffle for extra screenshots.

Cyberpunk loads archives in alpha numerical order, with numbers before letters. Archive names that come first get loaded last, meaning they will overwrite anything that comes after them.
If you want this to be overwritten by other mods, add a prefix of "ZZ" at the beginning of the mod archive name, and if you want it to overwrite other mods add a prefix of "00" at the beginning of the mod archive name

So what's with all these High-Res Texture Mods?
Cyberpunk relies heavily on post-processing and native upscaling for it's graphics. That means that most of the vanilla textures are very low resolution, with the game engine upscaling most of them at least 2x but as much as 32x the original, depending on your graphics settings.
That technique allows CDPR to package the game much smaller, but the quality of this on-the-fly upscaling is nowhere near what carefully trained and chosen upscale models can do with powerful AI software. Since vanilla textures are already being upscaled, there shouldn't be much of a difference in VRAM usage between these mods and putting your Texture Quality setting to High.
The biggest improvements are increased definition. CP77 relies heavily on normal maps for it's textures and then applying colors and effects to those normal maps. AI-upscaled normal maps greatly increase the definition of the detailing, allowing light and shadow to fall better.

Ok, I'm convinced. I want more. Gimme gimme.
Alright! Well stay tuned because I am planning to upscale nearly the entire game! For real!
It's going to be a well over a hundred mods when I'm done, basically a complete Next-Gen Graphics DLC. All my CP77 mods are here. You can track me on Nexus to get notified of new releases, but I am also packaging everything into Nexus Collections so you can get a one-click installation:

High-Res Graphics Pack - MAXIMUM
High-Res Graphics Pack - PERFORMANCE

Or, if you're looking for a more comprehensive overhaul collection, I recommend City of Dreams, which features most of my mods. It also has a 4K Graphics Pack addon.
**FAQs:**Why no REDMod version?
CDPR has disabled REDMod functionality for the release of Phantom Liberty and Game Version 2.0. As such, I will no longer be making REDMod versions of any of my mods. Once they restore REDMod functionality these standard archives can still be used with REDMod, so I will not be making special versions in case CDPR decides to pull these shenanigans again.

Is this compatible with x mod?
These are just textures, so they are easily overwritten by other mods or vice versa. See above installation instructions.

Why single mods instead of an AIO?
I may release some AIO mods later, but I want to be able to address bugs and make improvements at each stage of this project and also allow users to pick and choose which textures they want to improve based upon their gameplay and personal preferences. If you want an AIO you can download the collections above. You don't need to continue to use Vortex, just use it as a tool to download the collection and deploy the mods, then you can manage the rest of your load order manually.

I'm having a bug or other problem with this mod, what do I do?
Please report it on the 'Bugs' tab on this mod page. I may not be able to keep up with all the comments on the 'Posts' tab.

Will you upload this off nexus?
No, and don't ask Mod Authors to do that. The donation points we get via Nexus help to support the work we do, and requesting that is selfish and takes us for granted. Thanks.

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I have released over 250 mods, nearly all texture optimization or upscaling for Skyrim and Cyberpunk 2077, and now I'm working on Starfield as well. My work has been featured in a number of gaming magazines over the past two years.

You can find me in v2's Starfield discord here**