Go Like Hell - A Proper Driving Overhaul for CVO and CMS

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yo soy


Speedometer fixed.
CVO reworked for more realism and variety.
CMS reworked to compliment vehicle changes and offer more tuning options.

Other better modders have provided awesome tools to improve on vanilla driving, but I was still unsatisfied with the overall experience.
As a motoring enthusiast, my goal was to replicate the experience of operating/tuning different types of vehicles while keeping things stylized and fun.
After loads of tweaking and testing, this is my solution for balancing Sim v Arcade within the internal logic of the game-world and engine.
SPEEDOVanilla speedometer reads "MPH" yet the speeds are clearly displayed in KPH.
Accurate Speedometer addresses this, yet uses too low a value by default for my purposes.
This mod uses the standard km-to-miles ratio as it works best overall, and that's how I tuned this whole thing. VEHICLES
Using Cyber Vehicle Overhaul each vehicle has been modelled from a real life analog for speed, acceleration, braking and handling.
Drive axle, engine position, etc. these things matter more now, and make way more sense.
Every car has its use case -- even humble Hella -- after all, you don't grocery shop in a Koenigsagg...

  • Speed - Everything is faster, with a much wider range of performance characteristics. (Shion quick and nimble, Type-66 drag beast, etc.)

  • Braking - Much lower brake torque, so no more constant skidding or wheel lock, and longer stopping distances (still shorter than IRL tho).

  • Handling - Front engine cars understeer and feel weighty. Rear engine cars oversteer and can snap. Bikes don't slide out like you're riding in mud.

  • Weight - All vehicles are a bit heavier as I found this helps them behave much better, especially at higher speeds.

  • Damage - More health than vanilla but less than CVO. Cosmetic damage happens much more easily.

Car Modification Shop parts reworked to suit the vehicles changes and to offer more tuning options, with many new trade-offs to consider.
Descriptions have been edited to explain the new effects, though sadly not all metrics can be displayed in the UI.
The linear upgrade path is no longer as obvious, with Tiers being more like price levels, and diminishing returns on high-end parts.

  • Power - Huge gains available, but nothing like double or triple the horse since speeds are already quite fast. Turbos add weight.

  • Brakes - Brake torque will help stopping distance, but tires do more. Add too much torque and your wheels will just lock up. Best to fine tune it.

  • Tires - Sport are solid upgrade. Race are best overall. Drag Radials give the most forward grip at the cost of lateral traction... drift much?

  • Suspension - Some soft, some stiff, and a new offroad lift. Options to increase or decrease body roll for better cornering control

  • Transmission - Shorten shifts, increase response, and overhaul for higher Top Speed at the cost of low end torque. No new gears.

  • Weight Reduction - Minor re-work but significant reductions still possible.

This is designed for controllers. Exercise trigger control. (If you drive with KB/M then YMMV... and may God have mercy on your soul.)
Jump straight in and go nuts if you want, but I strongly suggest starting slow since the changes can feel pretty radical -- especially braking.
Massive thanks to the modders who made this all possible. Be sure to ENDORSE the base mods after you download them.

INSTALLATION* Download and install the base mods (and their requirements) in the order they are numbered. This mod will not work without them.

  • ENDORSE each base mod.

  • Download and install this mod, overwriting when prompted.

RECOMMENDATIONSDeadly Roads´╗┐ - Real risk and consequence
Realistic Traffic Density - More challenge and immersion
Make A Living - Courier - Hella fun and rewarding