FRAIL Inc. (Virtual Atelier Store)

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Dark sh*t with big industrial vibes. And other stuff too I guess.
✦ Check back here to see what items have been added ✦

Currently available: Netrunner Coat (Vanilla and recolors)Bathrobes
Grunge Sweater
Corset Belt
Wretch Merch
The 1990 Outfit
【 Installation: 】
Be sure to have Virtual Atelier installed.
Manual: Unpack the zip (using 7-zip or winrar) and drop all folders (archive and r6) directly into your Cyberpunk2077 game directory.
You can use Vortex to install too, but I can't help much with that as I've never used it.

****【** Thanks to: 】**
Pacings for the Virtual Atelier mod.
Apart for the icon templates.
The three CP77 Modding servers I've been lurking on and learning from, and all the tools they've provided.

If you enjoy my work, it would mean a lot to me if you would consider making a donation to your local animal shelter or animal rescue center instead.
However, if you still wish to make a direct contribution, you can find the link to my Ko-fi below.