FLO DUBZ RADIO. - Radio Replacement Mod Pack by PROJ DRK DESIGN

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This pack is a comprehensive replacement of several in-game radio stations for the Ultra-High Quality Productions of the Slovenia based Electronic artist...

FLO DUBZ / Emjulate**.**

Each track has been re-cut to play without gaps & are a slight thematic shift towards a grittier & harder hitting sound experience.

**Has several songs which are completely exclusive to the mod.**You can expect vibes like this...

The download currently contains 3 mods replacing ALL tracks heard on the 3 following stations:

THE DIRGE FM = A mix of Experimental Electronic Beats of varying styles and vibes.

ROYAL BLUE FM = A more relaxed & uplifting mix of Electronic Beats.

RITUAL FM = A mix of Highly Experimental Beats with a darker vibe throughout.

All tracks have been used with the expressed permission from the copyright holder.

Installation Guide:

Unzip the mod file and drag and drop it into your mod folder... it's that easy!

Path is as so... [...\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod]

if you don't already have this folder, create it. You will need it for this replacer & the further modding of your game.

I extend a huge thanks to FLO / Emjulate on behalf of all users of this mod for his expressed permission for this to happen and for the exclusive music provided for this project

Support FLO / Emjulate & his future releases via the link below: 

E N J O Y.