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This is a pretty simple mod that hides saves from the load/save list based on two available filters. It's not possible at this time to filter based on individual characters, but lifepath is pretty helpful. I've also noticed that the type filter makes it really easy to find the Point of No Return saves. In the save menu there is only a lifepaths filter since you can only overwrite manual saves.

Buttons: The buttons work with keyboard and controller, but it's possible that if you've remapped certain UI functions something might not work. Let me know if you have any issues. The button choices can be customized relatively easily if needed.

Text/Translations: The text for the filter button hints is all from localization text built into the game, so it should change language automatically, but the grammar might be wrong. For example, "Lifepath Filter: Corpo" in English is made up of 3 1-word texts I found, so the words might be out of order for another language.

Image Loading: The images associated with each save can take a second to load when you change the filter and the save is reappearing on the screen. I don't think there's anything I can do about that.

Scroll Bar: The scroll bar does not shrink when the saves are filtered, so you can still scroll down into nothingness. Just don't do that :)


  • IMPORTANT: This mod depends on redscript. Download and install that first!

  • To install this mod, extract the zip file into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder (the mod files go to "Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts").


  • Thanks to the maintainers of, and all contributors to, Wolvenkit

  • Thanks to the authors of all required mods

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