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Elf's Workshop presents the Domain Pose Pack for FemV and MascV. for Photomode via ArchiveXL. There are 14 poses in total that are inspired by different anime hand signs and positions. The poses are compatiblewith Nibbles Replacer. Archive XL, version 1.45+ is required!

**To install the pose pack:**Please place the folders within your game directory. There should be an .archive and the .xl file in your mod folder, located within this folder structure: Cyberpunk2077/archive/pc/mod. The elf_pose_pack folder should contain a .yaml file inside and be within the Cyberpunk2077/r6/tweaks folder. Once inside Photomode, you should see a new category: ELF - Domain, and boom, you have your new poses!

This pack is proudly sponsored by Season7. Thank you to all the Season7 models that took pictures for this pack.

MODELS: Teacupfairy 🗡Beaniebby 🗡 S.A. 🗡 Ridarak 🗡 FereldanWench 🗡 Muio 🗡 Kohnnor 🗡 Vesna 🗡 Shaundi

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