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Virtual Atelier store in what's now a series of Atelier pages based off all the in-game stores/vendors. I wanted to make a simple and lore friendly kind of "online shopping" for all the vanilla vendors in the game. Each of these is kind of like a "website" for a major in-game retailer. 

I based this one on the "Ded-Zed" store in Northside that sells all kinds of street-punk clothes. If you've ever tried to spawn a specific leather jackets/boots/t-shirts at that shop, this atelier page has them all in one. I've even added a bunch of Jewellery/Junk items for decoration, as is tradition for me when I make these mods.

I just set this all up a minute ago. It all feels very awkward. If you like my content, donations would be greatly appreciated. If not, I understand. This is just a free-time hobby.


This mod is now part of a series of Atelier pages that includes almost every single clothing item in the game (along with other things). I went through the entire list of every piece of clothing on the Cyberpunk wiki and I've added almost everything to a bunch of different Ateliers.

The only items I've left out are the ones that are falling apart and sold exclusively at street vendors. I kind of like the idea that those are items you can only find on the street and buy second-hand. 

If you're interested in the rest of the "series", downloads are here:


In the base game (as of writing this), the specific items carried by every single in-game vendor has changed countless times over God knows how many patches. Having played this game since launch, I'm not a fan of the new item distributions they've opted for these days. It used to be that every vendor carried what you'd expect. Now, most of the items they'll sell you don't match any of the ads, mannequins, and overall aesthetics of the rest of that particular vendor's store.

If you're wondering why the item listings look so different from those in the base game, it's because I've gone through the entire wiki and personally placed every item I could find where it used to be in older editions + where I think they should be.



  • Install all the required mods listed above to ensure this mod works.

  • Extract the compressed file.

  • Copy the "r6" and the "archive" folders directly into your Cyberpunk 2077 directory.


  • If you've never used Virtual Atelier, go to any in-game computer (like the one in V's apartment) and click on the "Atelier" tab.

  • All items spawn at the player's current level when you purchase them in-game.

  • Click on the icon shown above to make any in-game purchases.

CREDITS*****Huge credit to manavortexfor helping a moron like me by making the ArchiveXL/TweakXL tutorials that showed me how to make this mod.

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