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v1,1 - More Juice in sound.


Okay, so I made this mod because I loved sounds in Elysium movie, they are so cool I’m my opinion, these sounds are from futuristic AK-47 used in fight scenes with drones and agent Kruger, they were slow-mo sounds of that gun, and I decided to combine two slow-mo firing sounds from two scenes(fight with security drone and fight with Agent Kruger), original Burya fire sound is there too, but I used only first second of that sound, because I cannot replicate that heavy gun firing punch myself yet.
Charging sound made from scratch with Serum.
I left all my tries and different sounds in mods folder, feel free to switch them to your liking.
To do that, you need to find sound that game loads, for example I have file 123456.wav for fire, and 123456_new_4269.wav as old version, rename original to something different, and rename new file you want to try to 123456.wav, game ignores all files that are not number.wav.
if you have questions, I’ll explain better.
-Aim Enter/Exit Sounds(w_gun_revol_tech_burya_aim_enter/exit)
-Discharge/End of reload(w_gun_revol_tech_burya_close)

Tested with Preem Weaponsmith mod for charging sounds.
Made in Ableton with Serum and sounds from Elysium movie.


As always, add me in Discord if you have any issues and we will try to fix it 

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