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Here are five short flowery hairstyles for your Character Creation needs. The flowers are colorable using Highlight and Graying options. Because these are all embellished vanilla hairstyles, I didn't bother including non-flowery versions, as they come with your game. :) They come with icons in Character Creation and are for all races/bodytypes. They are new hairs, not replacers, and Flowery Academy has physics. Probably requires ImprovedUI. Install using BG3MM.

Known issues include some minor clipping. Please let me know if there are other major issues. If you use my hairstyles for your characters, please feel free to submit images! I would love to see your characters!

This mod is natively compatible with:

Heart Of The Forest - Playable Dryad Race
Ghastly Ghouls - Playable Undead RaceWhispers of the Divine - Aasimar Race

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Padme4000 - Amazing hair tutorials
ShinyHobo - Converter tool/LSLib Toolkit
Norbyte - BG3-Modders-Multitool
perseidipity - Icon CC template
labotor - Mannequin models (and being super supportive!!)
Bububull - Pixie dress mod I used in the header image
AnteMaxx - Basket of Equipment SFW I used in the header image
Everyone at the Down by the river Discord server - For being welcoming and giving me various advice that helped a lot as a baby modder. I love you guys!

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