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This is a simple collection of mods aimed towards fixing some cross mod compatibility issues.

Example: With feats every 2 levels + sorcerer 2x spells per level

  • feats per 2 levels overrides the level 2 6 10 of sorcerer

  • sorcerer 2x spells overrides every level. It does not contain a feat per level 2,6,10 so it breaks sorcerer compatibility with feats every 2 levels.


  • Only update the incompatible items

  • Require the mods to be loaded before

This kind of pattern will happen with other mods that adjust Progressions/progressions.lsx. This mod will hopefully fix a few of these mods until mod authors directly support external mod use cases.

Why was this mod create


  • These patches are made so they only override necessary progression levels.

  • These patches may break as mods update and increase/decrease the changes they are tweaking in the Progressions/Progressions.lsx file.

How to use:

  • Install 1 patch file. Multiple patch files are NOT supported.

  • Enable that patch and make sure the mod is set as LAST or below the mods that it's resolving the conflict for.

  • Launch the game. It should work correctly.


  • You can submit a pull request to this github repo.

  • Please make sure you read the contributing guidelines in that repo.

  • Right now the archive creation and pak creation is manual. But I'll change that in the future if this patch repo is considered useful.

Bug reporting:

  • If the mod patch no longer works, please submit a bug for that patch in the title

Patches Available:

  • FeatsEvery2Levels + Sorcerer2xSpells