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What is this?

This is, for now, a quick and dirty improvement of the Male Elf head G. (See Screenshots for reference). I might add more later, but for now it just this one. I did this for my own personal use, because I was bothered by this otherwise perfectly fine head to look like they rubbed dirt in their face and see how many impurities they can collect. Especially with custom skintones that make use of different channels, such as the melatonin, veins, etc.

> This also means I made this for my personal preferences and is by no means meant to cater to everybodies tastes, neither does it attempt to. Take it or leave it.

What does this alter?

This alters textures only, no meshes were affected, no codes were written, no goats sacrificed. In particular:


This should be compatible with everything that does not attempt to change those three textures. If your eyemod suddenly stops working, this is not the mod you are looking for.


  1. Download

  2. Drag and Drop into your ...\Baldurs Gate 3\Data

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