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I was working on my Body 1 pet project and it made me wonder what it would take for me to actually want to use Body 2. If you, like me, are not really into playing dehydrated Doritos, this mod may be for you.

Available for Body 2 Humans, Elves/Drow, Half-Elves and Tieflings.

The body features narrower shoulders, less muscle definition, and slightly more hip. Textures are a mix of mostly Body 1 with some Body 2 thrown in.
There are texture variants with body hair and top surgery scars. Also comes with a separate file that has all starting armors refitted at the start of a new playthrough.

Installation instructions are included with the files. If you need more information, please check out the instruction's on the Unique Tav page first as this mod just overwrites some of its files.

For a small selection of additional vanilla camp clothing and underwear, please go HERE.

🤍 Compatibility

  • This mod is not compatible with any other mods that edit Body 2's mesh and/or textures.

  • The body mesh is not compatible with any other textures and neither are the textures compatible with other body meshes. I edited the UVs to make them work.

  • You can try to use clothes not made for this body, but they may clip around the hips and shoulders if it's an outfit or armor showing skin. Anything with full skin coverage will likely be fine, just not match what's underneath.

  • Starting armors should be compatible with Transmog Enhanced.

  • The starting armor pak is not compatible with any other mod that edits the starting equipment.

🤍 Known Issues

  • There are minor seams, mainly around the shoulders, genitals and especially the Tiefling tail. Most of them are usually covered by clothing.

  • The optional body hair textures do not work with hairless genital options and never will.

  • Where possible, I added adjustments for Tiefling tails to the armors. The adjustments are fine standing or crouching, but will probably clip with more dramatic movement.

  • Cloth physics are questionable if I wasn't able to preserve the vanilla ones. (I'm looking at you, Wizard robe.)

  • Unknown Issue: Since the shoulders were narrowed quite a bit, there might be some weird interactions with the armature (likely them looking wider than they should). This hasn't happened in any of my testing, cut scenes included, but I can't promise it won't happen at all.

****🤍**Mods used in Screenshots:**Heads: New Character Creation Presets WIPNew CC Head Presets Vol. 2 | Some Heads For Bodytype 2
Hair: Izzli's Snazzy Salon | Vessnelle's Hair Collection | Tav's Hair Salon |more dreadlocs and curly hairstylesmore dreadlocs and curly hairstyles Vol.02Other: Astralities' Hair Color Supplement | Horns of Plenty
(Please let me know if I missed any!)

****🤍Tools and Resources Used: Blender
Modder's Multitool by Shinyhobo
lslib by Norbyte
Blender Addons by Padme4000
Outfit Builderby ReallyLazyIcarus
Down by the River Discord 

And thank you to everyone who helped me test this. ❤️ 

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