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Craft custom encounters for you and your friends! Drop 3 Owlbears, 10 Karlac's, and the Netherbrain itself (Note: I don't actually recommend spawning the Netherbrain - I only tried it once and it went about as well as you can imagine), set teams and enable combat then battle it out!

The DM Ring can be found in the tutorial chest, or added to inventory with command

TemplateAddTo("e74e9812-5838-46d6-925d-01b72307f1fd", GetHostCharacter(), 1)

  • Allows players to place any of the 2400+ characters defined in Shared, SharedDev, Gustav, GustavDev
  • Set character faction to Good, Neutral, Or Evil
  • Set CanJoinCombat to either yes or no
  • Set as follower (caster can control them like a summon)

Note: This was largely built by a script which iterated over the game files and added a spell for each character so:

  • Some of them do not have models at all, and the spell appears to do nothing, some of them are game breakingly large (see Netherbrain comment above).

  • Some are BASE characters that don't have any abilities.

  • There is no real order to the madness. They are split into 61 groups of 40 in the order they were extracted.

  • Icons are all the same

If you want to start using this as-is, you will probably want to look at the mod's source code to find the creature you want, and see which group/container it is in, rather than hunt through the game UI.

This mod was inspired by, and works very well with the Debug Spells Mod to duplicate and move characters around

Possible Future Enhancements:

  • ~~Assign spells to a wearable item instead of all PCs (ie. Uninstall the mod without murdering your save file, don't give your friends god-power)~~ Done
  • Remove spells for chars without models
  • Create logical groups
  • Update icons
  • Timer on setting "CanJoinCombat" to true
  • More utility spells
  • Add item spawning spells (furniture etc)
  • Improve follower spell (Cast on one NPC and one PC to assign?)