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✿ °•. About this Mod .•° ✿
This mod adds new head presets to the game. 11 different presets
If there are any issues with the heads please let me know, and I'll try my very best to fix it.

I post updates, video previews and bg3 content on my tiktok

✿ °•. Installation .•° ✿
❀ Use BG3 Mod Manager to install
❀ Be sure to check the requirements tab
❀ Please only Install one main version of this mod

✿ °•. Important to Note .•° ✿
❀ Mithki & Zesper Presets shading color is linked specifically to the eyebrow color. I'm still learning with textures so I was uncertain a way to not have that
❀ Talon and Crystalline presets have very slight seam issues. Very small and not huge preset breaking type thing or anything like that. I tried to fix it and the meshes are perfectly lined up with the body so I cant pinpoint why 
❀ I haven't had time to go through and test every head properly so there may be some slight clipping or subtle issues.
❀ Certain piercings may not work with these heads, some may but most don't. I apologize
❀ Some makeup options may look a bit awkward. It was hard to avoid as I wasn't able to view where it all sits while making the heads.
I'm learning some new tricks to avoid that more 

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Recommended Mods (not required):
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CC Mods Used in Screenshots:
Astralities' Skintone Expansion - Natural Tones
Astralities' Hair Color SupplimentsP4 BangsNew eye colours (and blindness)CovenElf's Makeup
Tav's Hair SalonKay's Hair ExstentionsKay's Hair Modkeysuspect's Hair EditsAstralities' Fantasy Skintones
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✿ °•. Credits .•° ✿
To ShinyHobo for their BG3 Modders Multitool
To Norbyte for their lslib toolTo Padme4000 for their Padme's BG3 Tutorials and Modding ResourcesTo Weeviljester for their Head Template

Special Thank you to my supporters. An extra special thank you to my patrons.
Thank you to Myuu for the support and sharing with me any issues while this mod was in early access