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✩₊˚.⋆ an expansion of my hair color supplement ⋆.˚₊✩

This mod adds a variety of 134 (or 536 including variants) new hair colors to CC.
This expands on the options available in Vanilla and improves the color selection alongside other mods that add more hair colors.


Each color includes four variations:

  • Baseline: matching hair, brows & lashes
  • DB: matching hair & lashes with darker brows
  • DL: matching hair & brows with darker lashes
  • DBL: hair color with darker brows & lashes


*Why is this mod separate from your previous Hair Color Supplement?*Primarily because the Supplement already features close to 500 individual hair color options. Initially this mod was intended to
merely be an update for the Supplement, but I found myself unsure if a mod with close to 1000 individual options may be pushing
it for the average player. For compatibility's sake I did not want to separate what is already a standalone mod, and thus
I decided to release a "Hair Color Supplement 2.0", albeit with a new name to avoid confusion.

If you do want to use both simultaneously, you can find a compatibility patch .pak in the optional files of both mods.
It is not a requirement for using both mods together, and simply re-arranges all colors into a more cohesive order for easier viewing.
Please load the compatibility patch beforeboth hair color .paks.


Body Hair Colors
Body hair - including both pubic hair and other body hair such as chest, leg, or arm hair - consistently appears as light brown or tan across all haircolor options added by this mod. This is intentional and not a bug.

Why? Due to the way body hair is implemented, there are large color variations between body (arm/chest/leg) and pubic hair, resulting in harsh lines. Additionally, many body types feature sparse and normally barely visible body hair. If this hair is colored brightly, it can result in a “glow” and/or discoloration of the skin, particularly with brighter colors. You can see an example below. If there is demand, an additional pack with colored body hair may be released separately.

This spoiler contains a censored nude body as an example for colored body hair appearance.
Spoiler:  Show 


All hair colors included in this mod are available for viewing in the images tab, displayed on both lighter and deeper complexions.
Please note that this doesn't include examples for DB, DL, or DBL variants.

If there’s any colors or variants you’d like to see added, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to get to it.
In the meantime, feel free to check out my previous Hair Color Supplement that includes additional hair colors with no overlap with this one - the color you’re missing may already be part of it!



  • Download this mod
  • Unzip the archive & drag the .pak file into your mods folder
  • Launch BG3 Mod Manager
  • Drag this Mod from the “Inactive Mods” to the “Active Mods” tab
  • Click “Save Load Order to File”
  • Click “Export Order to the Game”
  • Launch your game and find these colors in the Hair tab in CC!

If you are entirely new to modding BG3, have a look at this video guide instead.



Improved UI & BG3 Mod Fixer


This mod functions normally alongside other mods that add more colors to CC.
I’ve attempted to avoid including significantly similar colors as those added by other modders as much as possible, but there may be some overlap regardless. Please consider also checking out other mods that add more hair colors to CC, such as Padme’s Mods & SK’s CC Colors.


Note: There’s a common issue where hair colors (including those added by this mod) may show up as shades of red in-game when your Tav is covered in blood, dirt, or both. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this at this time. If it bothers you greatly, your can circumvent this by using the no more dirt & blood mod by Margerard.

CC content used in my thumbnails includes:
Orange Tav:PseudoKociara's Zafira,Ghoul's Custom Earrings Large Sun Earrings, and my own Gingerly 03 skin tone,
Kumquat hair color, & Pastel Yellow hair accent color
Purple Tav:**PseudoKociara's Oriel,Dissidia's Yakuza Hair,PseudoKociara's Custom_03 Horns,** and my own
Mindflayed 10 skin tone & Astrality hair color
Pink Tav: Gufery's Destiny 2.0, and my own Albinism Blush skin tone, Albinism eye color & Barbie hair color
Blue Tav: Gufery's Corelia 2.0Tepkunset's Pine Hair, and my own Cloudscape eye color, Lake hair color & light blue accent****