Astralities' Fantasy Skintone Expansion

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Astralities' Skintone Expansion**✧ Fantasy Skintone Version ✧

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This mod extends the fantasy skintones available in Vanilla BG3 by adding both lighter and deeper tones to all Fantasy skintone color families featured in the game. It also adds a number of additional options.

22nd December 2023 Mod Content Update v1.1Added 223 skin tones


The following color families were expanded:
**Ice | Lichen | Dusk | Ash | Wisteria | Amethyst
Gold | Ochre | Olive | Sage

Moon | Wood | Vampire | Smoke
Sulphur | Chili | Red | Pink | Orchid | Purple

Violet | Azure | Storm | Aqua |Green | Lime
Dryad | Marid | Fey | Decay

Orcish Grey | Orcish Green**

The expansion includes 4-6 lighter and 4-6 deeper tones for each of the mentioned color families.*Lighter tones, deepest to lightest: pale, fair, faint, palest, barely, touch of
Deeper tones, lightest to deepest: deep, rich, vivid, deepest, potent, fully

*The amount of tones added per color family varies based on the vanilla tones already available & how the colors performed at lighter and deeper tones. For certain colors, further expansion was possible; for others, adding further tones might have severely skewed the color, created significant overlap with other shades, or resulted in (unintentionally) splotchy complexion.


New Color Options
These colors are custom colors not based on existing CC colors.

Gemstone-inspired Colors
More saturated vivids with (mostly) monochromatic accenting.
4 shades: diffused, bright, luminous & brilliant

Ruby | Pyrope | Vanadinite | Carnelian
Amber | Topaz | Citrine | Chrysoberyl

Serpentine | Emerald | Jade | Turquoise
Amethyst | Rubellyte | Morganite

Rose Quartz | Serandite

D&D-inspired Colors
Shades inspired by creatures & characters from D&D and BG3.
5-10 shades depending on color

Green Hag | Gingerly | Bugbear
Glacier Bear | Drow Skin | Goblin Tan

Semi-Natural Colors
Shades inspired by semi-natural options from Vanilla BG3 - Dryad, Marid, Fey & Decay.
10 shades per color

Frostbitten | Mindflayed
Drowned | Corrupted

Neutral & Semi-Neutral Colors
Grey, Black, White and adjacent colors.
20 greys, 6 black & adjacent, 8 white & adjacent

**Rain Cloud - 20 shades of mostly monochromatic grey

Raven Black | Licorice | Midnight
Elderberry | Black Olive | True Black**

Rimefrost | Alabaster | Boneshard
Vanilla | Pearl | Himalayan Salt
Spearmint | True White

Tiefling-inspired Colors
Skin tones inspired by the subraces added by the Tiefling Compendium
When using both together these skin tones will complement each other - there will be no duplicates
204 total skin tones covering a wide array of shades, 5-15 shades per color

Asmodeus  |  Mephistopheles  |  Zariel  |  Baalzebul
Dispater  |  Fierna  |  Glasya  |  Levistus  |  Mammon
Devil's Tongue  |  Feral |  Hellfire  |  Underdark
Spiderweb  |  Lolth  |  Elder Eye  |  Astral Sea
Aboleth  |  Moonsilver  |  Moonlight  |  Eilistraee

MiscellaneousMiscellaneous tones created for this mod
7-12 shades per color

Sea Nymph  |  Wine

All colors included in this mod are available for viewing in the images tab.
Colors are shown without added lip color and very minimal eye makeup (basic eyeliner in black).



  • Download this mod
  • Unzip the archive & drag the .pak file into your mods folder
  • Launch BG3 Mod Manager
  • Drag this Mod from the "Inactive Mods" to the "Active Mods" tab
  • Click "Save Load Order to File"
  • Click "Export Order to the Game"
  • Launch your game and find these colors in the Skin tab in CC!

If you are entirely new to modding BG3, have a look at this video guide instead.



I recommend using Improved UI & BG3 Mod Fixer alongside this Mod.
I have not tested it without these mods, so I can't guarantee this mod will function as intended without them.


This mod functions normally alongside other mods that add more colors to CC.

Besides color mods, this mod should also function properly alongside others that modify CC, such as those that add new hair styles, faces, or tattoos. But I have not tested every mod like this out there - if you stumble across any compability issues, please let me know and I'll see what can be done. 


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Thank you to

Padme4000 for their incredibly useful guides
Norbyte for lslib & ShinyHobo for the BG3 Modders Multitool
All the silly little modders in the Down by the River Discord who kept me sane ♡