Action Resource Passives

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Adding these Passives to enemies through Combat Extender will give them the resources they need to use Spells and Attacks that require a special Action Resource.

The following Action Resources can be given as Passives through this mod:

**Actions:**ARP_ActionPoint gives an additional Action

**Bonus Actions:**ARP_BonusActionPoint gives an additional Bonus Action

Spell Slots: ARP_SpellSlot_1_1 through ARP_SpellSlot_1_10 gives from one to ten Lvl 1 Spell Slots
This pattern ( ARP_SpellSlot_[Spell Slot Level]_[# of Spell Slots]) continues for Levels 1-6 Spell Slots, ending with ARP_SpellSlot_6_10. 

Rage Charges:  ARP_Rage_1 through APR_Rage_10 will give from one to ten Rage Charges

Bardic Inspiration:  ARP_BardicInspiration_1 through ARP_BardicInspiration_10 will give from one to ten Bardic Inspiration

Channel Divinity Charges:  ARP_ChannelDivinity_1 through ARP_ChannelDivinity_10 will give from one to ten Channel Divinity Charges

Wild Shape Charges: ARP_WildShape_1 through ARP_WildShape_10 will give from one to ten Wild Shape Charges

Superiority Dice: ARP_SuperiorityDie_1 through ARP_SuperiorityDie_10 will give from one to ten Superiority Dice

Ki Points:  ARP_KiPoint_1 through ARP_KiPoint_10 will give from one to ten Ki Points (Flurry of Blows seems to not work correctly for some enemies, may be character model dependent, but that is beyond the scope of this mod)

Channel Oath Charges: ARP_ChannelOath_1 through ARP_ChannelOath_10 will give from one to ten Channel Oath Charges

Note: Lay On Hands Charges are not included currently as the spells heal for (Paladin Levels) X (some number).  Typically enemies do not have Paladin Levels so the heal spells do not function even with the charges available. I may update this with a custom NPC version of the healing spells at some point. 

Sorcery points are also not included, as the AI will not use MetaMagic unfortunately.